Student Publications

The Hourglass (School Newspaper)

The Hourglass is committed to fostering an environment of journalistic integrity and serving as a platform for free expression. Dedicated staff writers, editors, photographers, and artists endeavor to capture the spirit of the Baldwin community.  In 2016, four students were recognized by The Student Keystone Press Awards for their efforts with the Hourglass

The Schoolhouse Times (Middle School Newspaper)

This club consists of sixth, seventh, and eight graders and issues one edition per trimester.  Over the course of the school year, there will be a total of three issues published.

Prism (Yearbook)

Baldwin's yearbook, Prism, is a chronicle of the year's events and activities as seen by the students. Members of the yearbook club take pictures, edit pages and more.

The Roman Candle

Baldwin's literary magazine published at the end of each school year. During meetings, the students and advisors discuss and choose the submissions that will comprise the booklet. The group plans advertising and provides encouragement for photos, drawings, poetry, prose, and college essays.

El Pimiento (Spanish Literary Magazine)

El Pimiento explores the Spanish language, culture and food! At the end of the year, members of the group put together a Spanish literary magazine to share what they have learned and their passion for the Spanish language.

Florilège (French Literary Magazine)

The purpose of Florilège is to expose the Baldwin community to French language, culture and art. Each member writes an article or essay in French, ranging from a review of a French film to a personal essay about an experience on the French exchange. The anthology is distributed throughout Baldwin so the entire community can share in the students' passion for the French language.

The Baldwin Review

The Baldwin Review is The Baldwin School's first-ever collection of individual research papers produced by Upper School students. Its purpose is to provide a tangible platform for students to display their projects and papers that are independent from class assignments. Because a Baldwin girl’s intellectual curiosity is limitless, the journal is inclusive of a wide variety of different topics in different fields and includes 10 research papers. Click to read it.

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