Our Signature Programs

There are so many wonderful aspects to a Baldwin education. Below are just four programs that highlight why Baldwin is so special. 


Our innovative DREAM Lab® (Design, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) provides hands-on learning experiences in an interactive environment. From Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, students learn through collaborative projects and student-driven inquiry, with a curriculum encompassing engineering, computer science, robotics, logical and algorithmic thinking, and data analysis. Using 3-D Printers, launching a space balloon, building soap box derby cars for races on our long drive, and building robotic boats to participate in regional competitions - these are just a few examples of what our girls can do in the DREAM Lab®.  Learn more about our innovative program.

Global Initiatives

Baldwin students have many opportunities to broaden their horizons, to look beyond what they know and understand, to appreciate differences, and to embrace global citizenship.  Our programs include partnerships with schools and organizations in England, Tanzania and Denmark.  Language classes have transported students to Quebec, Puerto Rico, France and China.


Learning to swim requires confidence, training, and most of all, fun and encouragement.  These are overflowing in The Baldwin School Learn to Swim Program©, a dynamic part of our curriculum led by Dave Hart, a former world-ranked swimmer who has coached swimming champions for more than 20 years.  The adventure begins in Pre-Kindergarten with bubble blowing and diving for sunken treasure and advances to mastering all four strokes and diving in Grade 5.  Learn more about this unique program.


Several years ago, Baldwin made the decision to switch from a combination of multiple languages in the Lower School to a single language.  By focusing on a single language for all seven years, Baldwin students can gain a greater depth of understanding in that one language, which in turn prepares them for learning additional languages in the future.  The girls participate in activities such as cooking, singing, and dramatics to help them become acquainted with Mandarin and to develop an appreciation for the cultures of the countries where Chinese is spoken.

Baldwin "Families"

Our Family Gathering program provides the ability for connections between students, faculty and staff who would not normally connect on a regular basis.  "Families" engage in activities throughout the year, from school-wide service projects to community-building games.  Members assigned to each Family stay together until they graduate from Baldwin.  Learn more about this special program.

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