Why an All-Girls' School

Since our founding in 1888, Baldwin has been dedicated to educating young women. We are recognized experts in how girls learn, thrive and succeed. Now more than ever, an all-girls education provides the greatest opportunities, support and success.

  • Girls learn in different ways than boys, at different rates and at different times in their developmental lives. Our faculty integrate these variances into their curriculum and teaching styles.

  • Girls are prepared to take on the real world where every girl is encouraged to develop her talents, be a leader, set goals and achieve them.

  • There is no gender stereotyping in course choices. One third of Baldwin graduates pursue math and science as majors in college.

  • Girls experience more opportunities. At an all-girls' school, a girl holds every position imaginable - from student government to athletic teams to the school play. Growing up in this environment, girls inherently then expect to see women in every position life has to offer.

  • Girls dare to succeed. Life-long lessons are learned by daring to lead, participate and explore without the stresses often found in co-educational situations. 

Learn More...
Visit the National Coalition of Girls' School's website to learn more about the benefits of attending an all-girls’ school and to read current research on single-sex education.

For excellence in boy’s education, please visit: The Haverford School.

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