2020-21 Planning

The safety and well-being of Baldwin’s students, faculty, staff, coaches and community members is paramount in our planning for the 2020-21 school year. This page serves as a tool to educate and outline the policies and procedures that must be followed by all community members during the coming year, in order to re-open campus for school activities, help keep our students, faculty and staff healthy and safe and plan for all learning scenarios that we may face as a result of evolving public health conditions and related guidance or government mandates. 

A Message from the Head of School

July 31, 2020

Dear Baldwin Families,

With August almost here, I write to provide an update on Baldwin’s reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year.
Over the past few months, as our Back-to-School Task Force developed a comprehensive strategy for the upcoming school year, it became clear that Baldwin has some advantages as we face the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic: Our purposefully small student body, a relatively large campus space, and the renowned expertise, adaptability, and commitment of our faculty and staff. We have developed a robust plan that, barring a government mandate or other unforeseen circumstances, will allow us to open school this fall for in-person learning for all students, five days a week for normal school day hours.


Reopening Plan

This overview serves to help educate and outline the policies and procedures that must be followed by all community members to support the aim of reopening while ensuring that we can provide the best Baldwin programming in any learning scenario. It builds on our earlier Limitless Learning Plan and summarizes our detailed Health and Safety Plan, to support the following:

Preventative Measures

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  • Cleaning, Disinfecting and Facility Considerations

    Professional cleaning during the day and after hours. Electrostatic technology will be used to disinfect hard-to-reach areas. Touchless faucets, light switches and ultraviolet light sanitation are being installed, as feasible. Protocols and modifications are in place to prioritize ventilation of classroom spaces.
  • Personal Hygiene and Mask Protocols

    Handwashing sinks and hand sanitizing stations are being installed throughout campus. Students/faculty/staff will be directed to wash or sanitize hands upon arrival to campus or entrance to any building, during classroom breaks and before and after meals. Students/faculty/staff and visitors will be required to wear masks, with a common sense approach to mask wearing for our youngest Bears in the Early Childhood Center.
  • Social Distancing and Cohorts

    Classes will be spread out over the entire campus, including in the Residence and outside as feasible. Classrooms have been reconfigured to ensure desks are socially distanced (6 feet apart). Congregating in hallways will be minimized and grade-specific entry and exit points will be used. Large in-person events will be virtual. Lunch will take place in classrooms or outside while socially distanced. Use of newly designated outdoor classroom areas around campus will be prioritized.

Health Services

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  • System Monitoring

    We have contracted with Magnus Health, who will provide a COVID-19 assessment tool via password-protected software available on a mobile app that will collect data from students/families and faculty/staff each day to verify that community members are cleared to come to campus. Each student and faculty/staff member must complete symptom checks, including a temperature check, and complete the assessment via the app daily by 7:30am, before coming to campus, in order to gain entry to campus buildings.
  • Patient Care

    We have developed a multi-step, comprehensive plan for different scenarios of a student or employee developing COVID-19 symptoms, testing positive for COVID-19 or having been in close contact (as defined by the CDC) with an individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Likewise, we have a thorough plan for the individual's return to school.
  • Health Agency Guidance

    The School will be in constant contact with local health care agencies and public health officials for updated guidance on symptom monitoring, patient care, testing and contact tracing. Each division will have a designated nurse, with a third School nurse being hired for the 2020-21 school year to support all of these health protocols.

Safe Community

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  • Access to Campus

    Baldwin’s campus is closed to visitors, including parents/guardians, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. Any visitors who do come to campus must be pre-approved and follow usual security protocols, new health-screening protocols and wear a mask at all times. All outside events on campus (facility rentals, weddings, etc) have been curtailed for the year.
  • Transportation

    Parents are encouraged to drive students to and from campus to support new entry and screening processes. Student parking on campus will be limited, as usual. Third-party van service will be available. School district buses and public transportation remain an option.
  • Claws Up Compact

    A community “Claws Up Compact” must be signed by all students and parents/guardians, as we commit to adhering to new protocols that help keep our community healthy and safe. 

    Claws Up Compact→

Safe Physical and Social-Emotional Wellness

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  • Physical Education and Recess

    During Physical Education class, students will be kept in their cohorts. Outdoor spaces will be prioritized and there will be no sharing of equipment. Updated plans regarding InterAc Athletics will be forthcoming.
  • Social-Emotional Wellness

    To help sustain our sense of community and sisterhood, faculty, administrators, advisors, counselors, nurses and coaches will regularly reach out to students and connect with them during virtual or in-person drop-in office hours, as feasible.
    Our LS and MS/US Counselors will remain available to support all students. Short-term individual counseling sessions can be provided to students in person or during virtual check-ins for students who are out of school for an extended period of time.
    Community building and School traditions will remain an important aspect of the Baldwin experience in all learning scenarios.


Important Reminder

Please note that the information included on this page is updated as of July 31, 2020. In developing this plan, our Back-to-School Task Force reviewed guidance from the Pennsylvania (PA) departments of Education and Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and other organizations.  Throughout the weeks, months, and year ahead, we will continue to monitor evolving guidance and update our health and safety protocols as necessary and in accordance with state and local guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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