2020-21 School Year

2020-21 Planning

The safety and well-being of Baldwin’s students, faculty, staff, coaches and community members is paramount in our planning for the 2020-21 school year. This page serves as a tool to educate and outline the policies and procedures that must be followed by all community members during the coming year, in order to re-open campus for school activities, help keep our students, faculty and staff healthy and safe and plan for all learning scenarios that we may face as a result of evolving public health conditions and related guidance or government mandates. 
These plans have been developed in close coordination with local and state health officials and medical experts, as well as in collaboration with peer schools around the region. Rest assured that all aspects of our plans will continue to evolve as we continue to gather information, closely monitor available data and receive additional guidance from public health experts or other officials. We will endeavor to keep the below information as updated as possible but appreciate your understanding if there are any changes. 

A Message from the Head of School

September 7, 2020

Dear Baldwin Families,
Thank you for your partnership during last week’s return-to-school COVID-19 testing process. During the weeks of August 24th and 31st, 634 of Baldwin’s students, faculty, staff, coaches, security personnel and janitorial staff were tested. Another 15 Baldwin community members provided documentation for PCR tests taken off-site. Some Bears did not participate since they will start the school year learning or teaching remotely, and some are currently undergoing state-mandate travel quarantine before the start of school. As a reminder, any student who joins in-person activities must provide documentation of a negative PCR test within one week of returning to campus.
These tests revealed a Baldwin-specific positivity rate of zero, meaning that no member of our community tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. While we know that our testing results reflect a “snapshot in time,” they hopefully provide reassurance that we are beginning the school year in a favorable position. 

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Reopening Plan

This overview serves to help educate and outline the policies and procedures that must be followed by all community members to support the aim of reopening while ensuring that we can provide the best Baldwin programming in any learning scenario. It builds on our earlier Limitless Learning Plan and summarizes our detailed Health and Safety Plan, to support the following:

List of 3 items.

  • Scenario 1: In-Person Learning

    Baldwin’s campus is openPublic health guidance and local
    mandates allow on-campus learning in our area.
    Teachers and students are learning in the classroom, with modified campus protocols and procedures in place to support health and safety.
  • Scenario 2: Online Learning

    Online learning refers to a scenario where campus is open for all students five days a week for normal school day hours, but where circumstances may mean that select students opt for all-day online learning while in-person classes are going on.

  • Scenario 3: Baldwin Wired 2.0

    Baldwin’s campus is closed due to government mandate.
    This scenario could result from widespread regional cases of COVID-19 or serious localized outbreaks that result in authorities closing campus.

Preventative Measures

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  • Cleaning, Disinfecting and Facility Considerations

    • Professional cleaning staff will disinfect high-touch areas (e.g., door knobs, light switches, faucets, railings) during the day and after hours.
      • Cleaning supplies will be readily available to all faculty/staff to use at their discretion, in their classroom and other spaces.
    • Enhanced cleaning protocols will occur after dismissal, including the use of electrostatic technology to disinfect hard-to-reach areas.
    • Facility modifications and considerations include:
      • Touchless faucets and light switches have been installed, where possible, throughout campus.
      • Ultraviolet light sanitization is being installed across campus, as feasible.
      • Ventilation of campus spaces will be prioritized throughout campus, including by keeping windows and doors open during the school day, as weather permits, and by utilizing fans to help circulate air in select spaces, as necessary.
      • Toilet seat covers are being installed in all bathrooms, as feasible.
    • Elevator considerations:
      • During the school day, elevators are reserved for faculty and staff, unless there is a medical necessity that requires student usage.
      • One person may use an elevator at a time, unless they are family/household members (e.g., in the Residence).
      • Signs will be put up to ensure this policy is clear to all users.
  • Masks

    Face masks are required for all students, faculty, staff and visitors while on campus. Face masks may be removed only when outdoors if 6 feet distance can be maintained or when eating and drinking when 6 feet distance can be maintained. Students will be required to bring a face mask to school every day.

    Masks will be part of the uniform this year, though we are not dictating what color or pattern they can be. We ask that each Middle and Upper School student bring a spare mask with them to school each day and that, to start the school year, Lower School parents send an extra mask to school that can be left there as a spare.
    The following additional mask guidelines were created based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics and other input from medical health professionals.

    Guidelines for Acceptable Mask
    • Must completely cover nose and mouth
    • Should stay in place with normal movement and does NOT need frequent adjustments
    • May NOT have a valve. Valve regardless of filters are not permitted.
    • Cloth covering must have a minimum of two layers (double cloth or cloth and filter)
    • Neck gaiters are not allowed.
    • Face shield can be worn in addition to (but NOT instead of) a mask, if a family, student, faculty or staff member desires.
    Masks are an incredibly important risk mitigation measure and key part of Baldwin’s reopening plan. They help protect the wearer and those around them and, when properly worn, have been proven to decrease the spread of the virus. Disposable masks should be for one-day use only, and cloth masks (which should be 2-ply, per CDC guidance), should be washed daily and should be changed if the mask becomes wet or dirty while wearing. 

    We will be talking to all of our students about mask protocols and the proper way to wear a mask during orientation week and during the start of school. We ask that you start practicing wearing a mask with your daughter now, particularly for our younger students, who may not be out and about wearing masks as often already.

    Please follow CDC recommendations regarding mask specifics.
  • Personal Hygiene

    Handwashing sinks and hand sanitizing stations are being installed throughout campus. Students/faculty/staff will be directed to wash or sanitize hands upon arrival to campus or entrance to any building, during classroom breaks and before and after meals. 
  • Social Distancing and Cohorts

    • Classes will be spread out over the entire campus, including in the Residence and outside as feasible. Classrooms have been reconfigured to ensure desks are socially distanced six feet apart, per current guidance, and will face in one direction.
    • Congregating in hallways will be minimized and grade-specific entry and exit points will be used.
    • Large in-person events will be virtual.
    • Lunch will take place in classrooms or outside while socially distanced.
    • Use of newly designated outdoor classroom areas around campus will be prioritized.

Health Services

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  • Symptoms Monitoring

    We have contracted with Magnus Health to provide us a COVID-19 assessment tool via password-protected software available through a mobile app that will collect data from students/families and faculty/staff each day to verify that community members are cleared to come to campus. Each student and faculty/staff member must complete their symptom check, including a temperature check, via the app daily by 7:30am, before coming to campus, in order to gain entry to campus buildings.
    We continue to follow the guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Health in regards to what happens if any student, faculty or staff member has symptoms. Please do not hesitate to contact Baldwin’s Wellness Team (wellness@baldwinschool.org) if you have any questions.
  • Testing

    Baldwin’s Back-to-School Task Force spent many weeks and months extensively looking into the viability of COVID testing as a risk mitigation measure for our 2020-21 reopening plan. Because testing has recently become more widely available and more feasible to do for all community members, we have added a “return to campus testing requirement” and have arranged to cover the costs of this testing process. This will help support the key risk mitigation measures we will use from the first day of school – including daily symptom checking and the wearing of masks, social distancing and good hygiene practices while on campus.
    In combination with community members' commitment to abide by Baldwin’s CLAWS UP Community Compact, we hope this ensures a successful reopening to school this fall. Learn more about testing here.
  • Health Agency Guidance

    The School will be in constant contact with local health care agencies and public health officials for updated guidance on symptom monitoring, patient care, testing and contact tracing. Each division will have a designated nurse, with a third School nurse being hired for the 2020-21 school year to support all of these health protocols.

Managing COVID-19 Cases

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  • A Positive Case: Actions Baldwin Will Take

    When there is a confirmed COVID-19 infection, Baldwin will:
    • Notify the Montgomery County Health Department.
    • According to health guidance, we will require the individual to stay home from school.
    • Disinfect and clean classrooms and primary spaces where the infected individual spent significant time.
    • We will work in close coordination with the Montgomery County Health Department's contact tracers to help identify all “close contacts” and execute all appropriate contact tracing protocols.
    The Montgomery County Health Department is responsible for notifying all “close contacts” but will not identify by name individuals who have tested positive.
    • In all divisions, students’ schedules and activities will be reviewed to determine “close contacts” as accurately as possible.
    Montgomery County health officials have told us that they are prepared to manage these steps very quickly and efficiently. Baldwin staff have also been trained in contact tracing to help support Montgomery County health official's work, as necessary and appropriate, and ensure that all the above steps are taken as expeditiously as possible.
  • Contact Tracing and Notification Protocol

    Contact tracing is the process of identifying, notifying and monitoring any employee or student who came in close contact with another employee or student of the school who tested positive for COVID-19 while they were infectious (two days before onset of symptoms until the end of the person's isolation period). Contact tracing is a key strategy for preventing the further spread of COVID-19. Close contacts of an individual who test positive for COVID-19 are considered to have been exposed to COVID-19 and may go on to develop the virus. Identifying and quarantining close contacts limits their ability to spread disease should they become infectious and helps to limit spread within the Baldwin community.

    Contact tracing protocols and procedures will be conducted by Montgomery County Health officials with the support of Baldwin staff who have been trained in contact tracing. In order to make this process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, no students have been allowed to start the school year without the requisite health and contact forms being completed on the Parent Portal.
  • Communication Philosophy

    At this challenging time, we are committed to communicating with families quickly, transparently and with accuracy. While offering as much information as we can, we also have an obligation to respect and protect individuals’ privacy. We understand that families will have questions about how positive cases of COVID-19 impact their children, and we will do all we can to answer your questions. Please know that you are invited to reach out to your child’s teacher, dean, Division Director, our nurses or our Wellness Coordinator at any time.

    With this in mind, please be aware that:
    • We will inform families and students when there are confirmed positive cases in the community, but we will not share the names of individuals who test positive. 
    • If a member of a student’s household tests positive for COVID-19, we will not communicate or execute contact tracing protocols (in this circumstance, the student would be required to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days).
    • We will not be informing families and students when students or faculty stay home sick, when students or faculty are self-quarantining because of travel or potential exposure but not a positive case, or other similar circumstances where there is no confirmed positive case.
    • For potential exposures, the School will contact the Montgomery County Health Department, who will assist the School with further guidance and recommendations. The School does not contact the Health Department for a symptomatic person who has not had an exposure.
    • We continue to work with Montgomery County Health officials to develop our response and communication protocols, and we will continue to update these procedures as appropriate and as guidance further evolves.
  • Returning to Campus

    For a student or employee to return to school:
    • Exposed student or employee: A student or employee with a known direct exposure, may return to school after 14 days of quarantine and is cleared to do so by the local Department of Health or the appropriate County and Municipal Health Department. A negative test obtained prior to the end of quarantine does not clear an individual for return. The entire quarantine period (14 days) must be completed.
    • Student or employee with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and no known direct exposure:  We continue to follow the guidance of the Pennsylvania Department of Health in regards to what happens if any student, faculty or staff member has symptoms. Please do not hesitate to contact Baldwin’s Wellness Team (wellness@baldwinschool.org) if you have any questions.
    • Student or employee with symptoms and a confirmed case of COVID-19: A student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 may return to school after 10 days of quarantine since the date of their first positive test and is cleared to do so by the local Department of Health or the appropriate County and Municipal Health Department. There is no need for a negative test for a student or employee to return to school. The entire quarantine period (10 days) must be completed and they are asymptomatic and have been fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine.
    • Student or employee without symptoms, but confirmed case of COVID-19: A student or employee who tests positive for COVID-19 may return to school after 10 days of quarantine since the date of their first positive test and is cleared to do so by the local Department of Health or the appropriate County and Municipal Health Department. There is no need for a negative test for a student or employee to return to school. If the student or employee develops symptoms during the quarantine period, they must isolate for 10 days starting the day the symptoms first appeared. The entire quarantine period (10 days) must be completed and they are asymptomatic and have been fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine. 
    These criteria were created from guidance from the PA Department of Education and the Center for Disease Control and will be updated as appropriate and as further guidance evolves.
  • Remote Learning while Away from Campus

    Online learning when in-person school is in session will be secondary to on-campus instruction. Learning remotely means that students take responsibility for and have greater independence in their learning and that families accept responsibility for providing support, as necessary, to make such learning possible.  
    Arrangements will be made for regular check-ins with students and their advisors for the duration of an extended online-learning period.

Safe Community

List of 5 items.

  • Campus Safety

    • The School has been working with local, county and state officials to ensure plans are in place for safe, socially-distanced fire drills and lock-down drills, as appropriate and necessary. 
    • Modifications will be made to all such drills to ensure our community is able to adhere to health and wellness protocols while also preparing for any emergencies that may arise while on campus.
    • Standard security screening measures will remain in place during the school day, including the wearing of lanyards and school IDs (for all MS and US students, plus employees), Raptor/security screening for any approved visitors (noting that visitors to campus will be curtailed for the 2020-21 school year), and the use of fobs to gain access to building entry points around campus.
  • Campus Enhancements

    Baldwin has made many modifications to campus facilities in an effort to create an even safer and healthier campus.
    Hygiene and Sanitization
    The following enhancements have been made to our typical hygiene and sanitization approach.  
    • Enhanced daily standard cleaning and sanitization protocols
      • Use of hospital grade disinfectant
      • Daily use of long-lasting antimicrobial sprayed on all high-touch surfaces
      • Cleaning of high-touch surfaces regularly throughout the day
    • Expanded cleaning staff 
    • Added 100+ more hand sanitizer stations across campus
    • Converted all restroom faucets to touchless faucets
    • Updated many handwashing stations to include touchless accessories  
    • Removed all water fountains. Bottle-filling stations are still available for use.
    HVAC Enhancements
    Baldwin has worked to re-engineer aspects of our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems based on guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The following enhancements have been made across campus.
    • Increased the amount of outside air circulating into indoor spaces around campus. In the Residence and Schoolhouse buildings, we installed in each classroom space window fans that can run continuously throughout the day for constant fresh air. In other buildings, the HVAC system is set to automatically circulate outside air into each room directly at the highest possible levels. 
    • Increased filtration in our system by using the highest MERV filters that are compatible with each unit.
    • Controlled humidity level across entire system 
    • We are also installing UV light filters into HVAC systems where feasible. 
    Learning and Communal Spaces
    Baldwin has worked to ensure 6-feet distance between each desk/seat in classrooms and learning spaces. This has involved reworking layouts and removing cabinetry, cubbies, shelving, and large furniture. Each division is also working to ensure each section/class meets the new seating capacity identified for each learning space.
    We are also reducing the usage of and capacity within large communal spaces for gatherings or events. If and when these spaces will be used, we will adhere to guidelines for reduced numbers of people gathering in groups.  
    We are installing helpful directional and other signage to help students, faculty and staff safely navigate campus and adhere to new protocols. Floor decals and signs on the walls will help ensure appropriate spacing while waiting in a line to enter a building or communal space, and the placement of desks or the use of other markers will identify approved seating spaces in rooms used for resource and free periods. Signs will also remind the girls, faculty and staff about other protocols, including elevator usage.
  • Claws Up Compact

    A community “Claws Up Compact” must be signed by all students and parents/guardians, as we commit to adhering to new protocols that help keep our community healthy and safe. 

    Claws Up Compact→

    Parent Compact→

  • Van Transportation

    This year, Baldwin is using third-party private van service providers for families. Drop-off times are coordinated with the school schedule, though families must work with the van service provider directly to schedule pick up and discuss other policies and procedures related to van services.
    • Families from Center City may contact Amelia Fogarino with Precious Cargo at (215) 480-0800 for more information about how they will support service from Philadelphia to Baldwin’s campus for our families.                         
    • UPDATE: We have had a change in the recommended van provider for families from the western suburbs. Please contact Kristina Fahl at Shuttlebee regarding private transportation options from this area.
    Please note we worked throughout the summer to identify the best private van service providers for Baldwin families to use this school year. The above transportation companies are used by our local peer schools and come highly recommended. As with any third-party provider, we cannot provide any guarantees about their services, including as regards their COVID-related practices, even as they have assured us that, as transportation professionals, they will have health protocols and risk mitigation measures in place.

    We ask families to to work with the van service providers directly to address any questions about pick-up times at your homes, billing or payment options and social distancing or cleaning practices. 
  • Visitor Access

    Baldwin’s campus is closed to visitors, including parents/guardians, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. Any visitors who do come to campus must be pre-approved and follow usual security protocols, new health-screening protocols and wear a mask at all times. All outside events on campus (facility rentals, weddings, etc) have been curtailed for the year.

Logistics of Your Daughter's Day

List of 6 items.

  • Arrival and Departure

    Each grade will have a designated entrance and egress location to further separate cohorts, prevent congregation during high traffic times and minimize the possibility of transmission across cohorts.
    A daily screening will be required for every student, faculty and staff member before they arrive to campus. We will implement adjustments to arrival procedures to ensure that everyone has completed the screening process and to help everyone navigate quickly to their first assigned location on campus. Dismissal procedures will also be adjusted to help ensure a safe departure from campus. Additional details will be shared with families prior to the first day of school. 
    If students arrive before 8 a.m., they will be asked to stand outside their grade-specific entrance point, socially distanced from others. With that in mind, we ask parents to adhere to drop off times and to provide girls with appropriate outdoor gear, umbrellas, etc. as needed.
    All students will be required to depart campus immediately at the end of the day. There will be no place for students to "hang out" after 3:30pm and the Library will not be open for studying after school hours. Upper School students will be allowed to depart campus after their last scheduled class or school commitment, after checking out with school staff to ensure safe oversight of their whereabouts.  
  • Entry and Exit Points

    LS entrance points:
    • Pre-K and K – Outside staircase on front side of the Residence
    • Grade 1 – LS main stairs, right side, and room 5 outside door
    • Grade 2 – LS main stairs, left side
    • Grade 3 – LS door near kitchen
    • Grade 4 – LS path to Room 33 and door to Simpson Center
    • Grade 5 – Walkway to Simpson Center through LS side entrance
    MS entrance points: 
    • Grade 6 – Residence, right main staircase
    • Grade 7 – Residence, left main staircase
    • Grade 8 – Residence, ramp under portico
    US entrance points:
    • Grade 9 – Science Building front entrance
    • Grade 10 – Schoolhouse, Radnor Street entrance
    • Grade 11 – Schoolhouse, North Door
    • Grade 12 – Schoolhouse, West entrance
    Entrance and exit points will be monitored by Baldwin staff during school arrival and departure times. During the school day, they will require FOB access or be otherwise secured.
  • Bus Transportation

    We are working with school district transportation offices to confirm each district’s plans for school bus arrivals and departures. Both the Philadelphia and Lower Merion School Districts have confirmed that they will transport Baldwin students to campus even if the school district is not open for in-person learning.
    We will update families further about any information we have regarding busing no later than the week of August 31st. If parents have questions regarding bus transportation, they are encouraged to reach out directly to the school district’s transportation office.
  • Daily Schedules

    School hours:
    • Lower School:
      • 8-8:20 a.m. arrival time. 8:20 a.m. start time for class.
      • ECC pick up is at 2:45 p.m.
      • LS pick-up begins at 2:55 p.m.
    • MS/US: 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    Adjustments to daily class schedules
    • LS daily class schedule: Adjustments have been made to allow for more in-depth curriculum work, while also reducing the number of different student and teacher interactions per week. Students will have a focused set of 3-4 specials classes for an average 3-week block, as opposed to our prior 7- specials per week model.
    • MS/US daily class schedule: Classes will be slightly shorter, to allow more time for movement between classes without large groups congregating in hallways. There will be a longer arrival time in the morning before classes start, to allow for staggered check-ins and considerations for transportation delays. 
  • Before/After School Programs

    In order to maintain cohorting, before- and after-school programs will be largely eliminated, though we will update this plan over time as appropriate. In the absence of a designated, adult-led after-school program, families must adhere to designated pick-up times. There will be no place for students to wait on campus after normal school hours.
    • Lower School: At this time, we do not plan to offer Baldwin Buds and Cubs Club after-school programs for the 2020-21 school year.
    • Middle School: At this time, we do not plan to offer Mandarin or Latin before or after school for the 2020-21 school year.
    • Upper School: At this time, clubs that in prior years met before or after school (e.g., Model UN, Model Congress, Hourglass, Moot Court) will meet during the school day or, if outside of normal school hours, online/via Zoom.
  • School Travel

    All non-essential travel, including off-campus field trips and service opportunities, will be limited or canceled. Virtual conferences and other programs will replace in-person trips and conferences, to continue to provide opportunities for exploration, community-building and leadership.

Student Life

List of 10 items.

  • Uniform Policy

    Masks will be a mandatory uniform item for students during the 2020-21 school year. Students must supply their own masks that adhere to CDC guidelines and may choose the design and style that best fits their needs. Please see above for more information on mask policies and protocols. 

    In an effort to prevent students, faculty and staff from wearing articles of clothing that are not laundered regularly, we have also made the following modifications to Baldwin’s uniform and dress code policies. The below applies during our in-person and online learning scenarios:
    • Lower School: Students will be allowed to wear navy blue pants, leggings or shorts and a white collared shirt or Blue and Gray Baldwin Spirit Gear (i.e., Baldwin t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt or similar).
    • Middle School:  Students will be allowed to wear a white collared shirt (with no marking/insignia larger than fist-size) or Blue or Gray Baldwin Spirit Gear (i.e., Baldwin t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt or similar). Students will be allowed to wear out-of-uniform legwear including jeans/pants in good condition (no tears) and leggings as long as they are not sheer. Shorts are not permitted.
    • Upper School: Students will be allowed to wear a white collared shirt (with no marking/insignia larger than fist-size) or Blue or Gray Baldwin Spirit Gear (i.e., Baldwin t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt or similar). Students will be allowed to wear out-of-uniform legwear including jeans/pants in good condition (no tears) and leggings as long as they are not sheer. Shorts are not permitted.
    • Faculty and staff will be allowed to wear work-appropriate (i.e., non-ripped) blue jeans and Baldwin Spirit Gear, if they wish.
    • Baldwin Spirit Gear is available for online purchase here and here. If new students have difficulty getting Baldwin Spirit Gear for the start of school, please contact Store Manager Christina Forrest in the School Store so we can help you. Unfortunately, there is no in-person shopping at this time. However, if you need to make an exchange, please email Christina to arrange a curbside appointment. For your convenience, Baldwin polo shirts, shorts, leggings and other items are also available via Lands' End
    • We will continue to update these policies along the way, as appropriate.
    During Baldwin Wired 2.0, normal uniform rules apply – i.e., students will be required to wear their uniform while school is fully virtual and faculty or staff are expected to wear appropriate work attire. We understand that this may seem unusual to some, but we hope it helps our girls feel prepared for active learning each day as they navigate an unusual learning experience. Please see the Parent Handbook for details about the normal uniform policies that will apply in this learning scenario.
  • Materials

    Students will not be permitted to share items such laptops and school supplies.
    • The 1:1 MacBook program has been expanded in the Lower School. Every student in Grades 4 through 12 will bring her own laptop to school each day. Students in Pre-K through Grade 3 will use a designated iPad or school-owned laptop, to eliminate sharing.
    • Please contact Dr. Jeff Goldader if you would like more information about the 1:1 MacBook rental program.
    • The School will provide individual sets of classroom and art supplies as well as individual athletic equipment kits for all Lower School students, to eliminate sharing of materials.
  • Student Movement and Free Space

    Students will largely move within their cohort’s designated areas of campus to help maintain separation of grade-level groups.
    During times when students need to move through hallways, congregating will be minimized and social distancing will be practiced. We are also working to stagger class dismissals in order to help reduce hallway traffic and ensure adult monitoring is in place in the halls during these periods of transition, though we also will coach students on how to be safe in these moments – and ask you to encourage their adherence to these rules. 
    MS and US students will not use lockers, to avoid congregating in hallways. In LS, lockers will be used minimally and have been spaced apart to support social distancing practices. Students will be encouraged to keep their belongings in their bookbags and to leave unnecessary items at home. 
    In some buildings, one-way entrances, hallways and stairwells may be implemented to help with traffic flow and distancing. We understand that this is not possible in all Baldwin spaces, which is why we are also relying on “cohorting by grade” (or class in LS) to reduce students’ possible exposure. 
    Additional protocols include:
    • Use of lounges and other communal spaces will be restricted, for both students and faculty/staff, with social distancing in place in these spaces. During “free” periods, students must immediately report to their assigned “free period classroom” or go to official outdoor classroom areas.
    • Each grade will use a specific bathroom and bathroom protocols will be in place to avoid congregating and close contact. Students will be asked to close toilet lids, which have been installed in all bathrooms.
    • Faculty and staff bathrooms have been designated in the School House, in the Athletic Center and in the Residence.
  • Increased Outdoor Time

    • Outdoor spaces will be used as often as possible for instruction, lunch, free time, physical education and recess/recreation.
    • New outdoor classroom areas and WiFi access will be available for classes in all divisions.
    • Outdoor spaces reserved for faculty/staff have been designated near the Lower School playground and in the yard of 140 Radnor Street (just behind the Schoolhouse).
  • Dining

    *Update on lunch plans for the school year
    For the first two weeks of school, we ask that all students bring their lunch to school. As we help the girls settle into many new routines and protocols for the 2020-21 school year, we hope this will minimize any confusion in regards to the ordering and delivery of our new boxed lunch option. 
    We ask that families pack your daughter's lunch -- keeping in mind, no nuts -- through the week of September 25th. We will send an update on our boxed lunch options once school is underway, to clarify the process for this new lunch alternative for the 2020-21 school year.

    Lunch for students (and, also, snack time for Lower School) will take place outside, whenever possible. When indoors, lunch or snacks will be eaten in their cohort’s classroom while seated at their desk and maintaining 6 feet of distance.

    Faculty and staff will be able to eat lunch outdoors or in designated Faculty/Staff spaces.
  • On-Campus Events & Meetings

    • Outdoor spaces and Zoom will be used for events and many meetings.
    • In-person visits to campus will be eliminated or minimized for individuals other than students or employees. In-person meetings with parents or guardians will be for emergencies only, may take place outdoors, and must be pre-approved by the Division Director, another administrator or the Assistant to the Division Director.
    • Campus rentals, for weddings and other events, have been eliminated for the school year.
    • Parent meetings, Academic Evening, and other special parent or volunteer events will make use of Zoom, Calendly and other online tools.
    • Many one-on-one and small in-person meetings between faculty and students or between faculty will take place outdoors. Any indoor face-to-face meetings by students or faculty will take place with social distancing protocols, while wearing masks, and other practices to minimize transmission risk.                                                              
  • Athletics and Physical Education

    • Athletics: In order to accomplish our goal of safely opening schools, the Inter-Academic Athletic League will delay the start of fall sports until September 14. Member schools may continue to hold strength and conditioning activities for student-athletes from August 1 through August 21. Beginning on August 22, member schools will suspend activities for a minimum of two weeks (determined at each school’s discretion). Member schools may begin fall practices in preparation for League-only competition on September 14. 
    • Physical Education: PE classes will adhere to social-distancing policies and the cohort strategy. Outdoor spaces will be utilized as much as possible. There will be no swimming for LS to start the year, although this will be re-evaluated over time.
  • Performing Arts

    In efforts to limit the possible spread of COVID-19 and ensure a safe experience for students and faculty, we will make adjustments to our performing arts program in the following ways:
    • There will be no singing or playing of wind instruments on campus until further notice. 
    • Music and drama classes will be face-to-face and remote, with on campus students and faculty wearing masks at all times, practicing social distancing and cohorting according to grade level.
    • When meeting, all music and drama classes will be split into smaller grade level sections to accommodate social distancing. Upper School mixed grade ensembles will be zooming in to class from different locations.
    • Students cannot share music or any other equipment. Students in ensembles will have assigned folders that they will keep with them and personal instruments will be stored in assigned performing arts lockers or classrooms.  Instrumental students are advised to bring their own music stands, if possible.
    • Any school equipment used (i.e. instruments, music stands, keyboards, video/recording equipment, etc.) cannot be shared and will be cleaned before and after every class.
    • There will be no live group performances or theater productions.  
    • All private lessons will be virtual.  For more information regarding lessons, please contact Oxana Harlamova, Head of the Baldwin Conservatory.

  • Library Services

    The Baldwin Libraries are fully committed to working alongside our students, faculty, and staff by offering support, collaboration, research assistance, and both digital and print resources through a combination of online request forms, curated classroom book carts, concierge book service, and print-handling protocols, for the 2020-21 school year, while still maintaining the CDC & Pennsylvania DOE safety guidelines. 
  • Social-Emotional Wellness

    To help sustain our sense of community and sisterhood, faculty, administrators, advisors, counselors, nurses and coaches will regularly reach out to students and connect with them during virtual or in-person drop-in office hours, as feasible.
    Our LS and MS/US Counselors will remain available to support all students. Short-term individual counseling sessions can be provided to students in person or during virtual check-ins for students who are out of school for an extended period of time.
    Community building and School traditions will remain an important aspect of the Baldwin experience in all learning scenarios.

Important Dates

Tuesday, September 15
*US Parent/Student Adviser Meetings
*BSPA Meeting 
*Grade 9 Parents & New US Orientation
 Wednesday, September 16
*US Parent/Student Adviser Meetings
*New US Student Lunch 
*Grade 12 Virtual Parents College Night
Thursday, September 17
*ECC Virtual Academic Evening
*LS Academic Evening (Grades 1-5)