2020-21 School Year

Baldwin's Pandemic Task Force

Since Spring 2020, Baldwin has been fortunate to have the support of a Task Force of faculty, staff, administrators, Trustees and Baldwin School Parents' Association (BSPA) representatives which has helped the School strategically and operationally respond to the global pandemic. 

Baldwin’s Pandemic Task Force meets every two or three weeks to discuss the latest public health guidance and medical research, to discuss health and safety protocols and programmatic plans for the 2020-21 school year, and to plan for the 2021-22 school year. As part of this work, members of the group regularly consult with public health officials and medical experts, including from the Montgomery County Office of Public Health and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Policy Lab, and collaborate with educational leaders around the region and nation.

Baldwin’s Pandemic Task Force is grateful for the support of the following participants:  

Marisa Porges '96, Head of School
Shauna Carter, Director of Middle School 
Dianna Collins, Chief Enrollment Officer
Chris Dwyer, Chief Financial Officer
Quenby Frimet, Director of Lower School
Meg Glascott-Birch, Director of Athletics
Lisa Lopez-Carickhoff, Dean of Innovation and Systems
Christie Reed, Director of Upper School
Sherry Forste-Grupp, Grade 9 Dean and Upper School English Teacher
Kimberly Fowlkes, Director of Human Resources
Peter Greenhalgh, Grade 3 Teacher
Fred Kountz, Dean of Students and Upper School History Teacher
Kelly Schonour, Assistant Director of Lower School
Kerrie Snead, Wellness Coordinator and Athletic Trainer
Maura Triebenbacher, Middle School Learning Specialist and Instructional Coach
Shawn Jordan, Director of Facilities
Noel Travers, Maintenance Supervisor
Brian Halak (P '22, '24), Vice Chair of Baldwin's Board of Trustees
Kim Heuer (P '27), President of 2019-20 Baldwin School Parents' Association
Martha Ortiz (P '16), Treasurer of Baldwin's Board of Trustees