Summer Session

Rising Grades 2–3

Course Descriptions

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  • Exploring Cultures Through Food

    We will travel the world through the food of different cultures. Learn about native ingredients and how their flavors enhance food and influence culture. Each day will have a "chopped" food experience.

    Taught by Lower School Teacher Elisha Arsenault
    Weeks Offered: July 6 - 9, 12 - 16, 19 - 23, 26 - 30
    Materials Fee: $20
  • My Marvelous Mindset

    Campers will engage in a week of fun activities designed to build their confidence and help them develop a growth mindset. In this session, campers will learn about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Each day will be filled with stories about growth mindset, "craftivities" and challenges that will promote self-confidence, collaborative problem-solving and perseverance.

    Taught by Lower School Counselor Maura Langan
    Week Offered: July 6 - 9
  • Painting Like a Pro

    Line, shape, color and space are some of the elements in art.  Art elements are like building blocks for creativity.  In this session, students will put art elements to the test by creating paintings inspired by some of art history’s most famous artists like Piet Mondrian, Georges Seurat and more. We will also practice using different tools, processes and techniques to create our paintings and build a mini portfolio of work.

    Taught by Art Teacher Andre Teixeira
    Week Offered: July 6 - 9
    Materials Fee: $20
  • Athletics in Mandarin

    If you want to exercise your body and mind, this could be the class for you! We will start each day with breathing and movement exercises, such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi. We will then play a sport (tennis, soccer, baseball and others) while using a mixture of English and Mandarin. This is an opportunity to keep up your current Mandarin skills while learning new ones in a fun way. We will also participate in indoor activities, like Gimkit and calligraphy (Chinese Brush Writing).

    Taught by Mandarin Teacher Christopher Armstrong
    Week Offered: July 12 - 16
  • Fun with Fairies

    Fairies love pretty flowers, magical dust and tiny foods! Join me for a week of crafts (wands, houses, fairies, decorations, nightlights), stories, foods and fairy playdough. We’ll end the week by making wings and soaring around our fairy world.

    Taught by Lower School Teacher Missy Morgan
    Week Offered: July 19 - 23
    Materials Fee: $20
  • Around the World

    Join me as we take a trip to different continents and countries! Learn about the cultures of Asia, Europe, India, Latin America and Africa. Every day is a new destination and will highlight a holiday or celebration through stories, games, crafts and cooking a meal or snack authentic to that region. There is something for everyone during this fun-filled week. 

    Taught by Lower School Teacher Missy Morgan
    Week Offered: July 26 - 30
    Materials Fee: $20