Summer Session

Rising Grades 4–5

Course Descriptions

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  • Athletics in Mandarin

    If you want to exercise your body and mind, this could be the class for you! We will start each day with breathing and movement exercises, such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi. We will then play a sport (tennis, soccer, baseball and others) while using a mixture of English and Mandarin. This is an opportunity to keep up your current Mandarin skills while learning new ones in a fun way. We will also participate in indoor activities, like Gimkit and calligraphy (Chinese Brush Writing). 

    Taught by Mandarin Teacher Christopher Armstrong
    Week Offered: July 6 - 9
  • Exploring Art in Our Natural World

    What is nature? How do artists make art IN nature, ABOUT nature and WITH natural materials? In this session, we will make art by observing the natural world and by using materials from nature.

    Taught by Art Teacher Jane Fentress
    Weeks Offered: July 19 - 23
    Materials Fee: $20
  • Handbuilding with Clay

    Let’s get creative and have a great time while experimenting with clay in a friendly environment. In this session students will explore coil, pinch and slab handbuilding techniques to create functional and sculptural form in clay!  

    Taught by Art Teacher Jessica Konopka
    Weeks Offered: July 6 - 9, 26 - 30
    Materials Fee: $20
  • Around the World

    Fasten your seatbelt as we travel around the world using Google Earth! Students will learn fundamental geography concepts and apply them using technology to explore the globe. 

    Learn about latitude and longitude, how to use GPS coordinates and test your skills zipping across the globe on geography scavenger hunt challenges.

    Taught by Middle School Teacher Bridget Doherty
    Week Offered: July 12 - 16
  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    How does an idea become a real movie? We'll follow the process of a Hollywood production, as we create our own film masterpieces! We'll learn camera techniques, lighting, script-writing, acting for film and editing, as we take our ideas from concept to completion. Whether your interest is behind or in front of the camera, your creativity will come to life on the screen! This year's campers will also create a camp newscast with features, sports and weather.

    Taught by Drama Teacher Scott Warfel
    Week Offered: July 12 - 16
    Materials Fee: $0
  • Art and Acrobatics: An Exploration of Creativity

    Creativity is more than just on a canvas; it’s moving your body in new ways, building masterpieces from recycled materials, dancing and doing cartwheels, and and and! We will split our time between designing “upcycled” art projects such as making colorful placemats from cereal boxes and working on acrobatics skills (handstands, backbends, jumps, splits and much more). Come explore and play with new kinds of creation!

    Taught by Middle School Teacher Sarah Moser
    Week Offered: July 19 - 23