Summer Session

Rising Grades 6–8

Course Descriptions

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  • Express Yourself: Famous First Amendment Cases

    This course will introduce students to a series of landmark Supreme Court cases dealing with the First Amendment. Topics include student rights, protest, censorship and religious liberty. Students will have a chance to hone their public speaking and oral presentation skills as they role play as lawyers and judges. If you enjoy learning about the Supreme Court while debating and role-playing this is the course for you. 

    Taught by Upper School History Teacher Athan Biss
    Weeks Offered: July 6 - 9
    Materials Fee: $0
  • History, But Make it Fashion

    Why did men use to wear powdered wigs? Where do high heels come from? Why did Yankee Doodle stick a feather in his cap and call it “macaroni?” If you are curious about the history of modern fashion, then this class is for you! Together, we will explore fashions from around the world, both past and present. Blending art and global history, you will also create your own original fashion designs based on trends and tastes from the past.

    Taught by Upper School History Teacher Marian Smith
    Weeks Offered: July 19 - 23
    Materials Fee: $20
  • World Politics Simulation

    This interactive course will introduce students to some of the major concepts of diplomacy and international relations using simulations from Brock Tessman's International Relations in Action. You will guide your country through conflicts, work together on common action problems and facilitate trade and alliances. Each simulation is designed to mirror real-world issues including: climate change, territorial disputes, nuclear proliferation, and, fittingly, a global pandemic disease outbreak.  Students will also have a chance to design their own scenarios. This course will be informative and fun. 

    Taught by Upper School Teacher Athan Biss
    Weeks Offered: July 12 - 16
    Materials Fee: $20
  • Trees, Branches, Leaves and Us

    Trees and people have a lot in common: trunks; limbs; we have “roots” and we “branch out.” We talk about family trees and trees migrate, too.

    We’ll be inside in the painting studio and outside on the beautiful campus; thinking, observing, making connections and simply making. The making is open-ended: drawings, paintings, writings, journals, maps: no ideas too big, too small, or too weird.

    Taught by Art Teacher Janice Wilke
    Week Offered: July 26 - 30
    Materials Fee: $15