Alumnae Leadership

Alumnae Association Executive Board (AAEB)

Each year Baldwin’s graduates become the newest members of the Alumnae Association, joining 4,000 other alumnae around the globe. The Alumnae Association aims to offer valuable programs to foster connections among all alumnae.

AAEB Overview

The purpose of the Alumnae Association Executive Board, the governing body of the Alumnae Association, is to strengthen the relationship between the alumnae and the School and to work with the Head of the School, the Trustees, the faculty and parents to promote the best interests of the school. The volunteer-led Baldwin School AAEB is committed to keeping alumnae informed, involved and invested in the alumnae community and the future of Baldwin.
The members of the organization meet regularly throughout the course of the year and provide their leadership and assistance with various on-campus programs. The AAEB strongly supports Reunion Weekend, Junior/Senior Traditions, the Senior Luncheon and Commencement activities.
Working closely with the School, members of the AAEB continually find opportunities to re-connect and engage alumnae, plan events and conduct fundraising activities.

Key Initiatives

  • Strengthening our alumnae network through a variety of local and regional events
  • Providing opportunities for alumnae to reconnect with Baldwin directly on site, or virtually through the website
  • Increasing alumnae participation in annual giving
  • Expanding the membership of the Alumnae Association Executive Board

National Board of Advisors (NBA)

The NBA was created in November 1990 to develop a strong national and international network of Baldwin alumnae to support the School's commitment to be a premier educational institution.

NBA Overview

The NBA provides alumnae with the opportunity to continue giving and growing as educated women and consists of Baldwin alumnae who live all across The United States and abroad.
NBA members serve as official ambassadors for the School in the areas they live. In addition, the NBA plays an active role in both friend-raising and fundraising for the School. Over the years, advisors have served as a resource for students — providing internships for seniors and mentoring opportunities through Career Day. Moreover, advisors are sometimes asked to be speakers at school assemblies or discussion leaders for club meetings.

Members of the NBA play a vital and effective role in the school's outreach initiative to alumnae and remain at the forefront of Baldwin's efforts to both re-engage, steward and partner with the alumnae of today and tomorrow.

Strategic Plan

Currently, the NBA has embarked upon an impressive and comprehensive three year Strategic Plan.

  • Strengthen alumnae relations internally
  • Provide stronger and more consistent outreach within the Baldwin Community
  • Focus on financial responsibilities through increased alumnae giving and participation