Campus Life

Parent Groups

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  • Baldwin School Parents' Association

    The Baldwin School Parents' Association (BSPA) is the main volunteer parent body of The Baldwin School.  The BSPA is led by an Executive Board which is elected at the end of each school year.  The Association organizes community building and fundraising events to benefit our families, support the faculty and staff and provide funding to further improve our school.  
  • Blue Gray

    Blue Gray is the parent organization dedicated to enhancing Baldwin's athletic program and through that program, serving the school community. Within the philosophy of the school's mission, Blue Gray focuses on raising funds for the athletic program, providing a vehicle for interested parents to share ideas and consolidating volunteerism.

    BRAVA is Baldwin's parent group that focuses on promoting the arts.  Their mission is to ensure that the arts remain an integral part of a Baldwin education. The group has launched impressive projects over the years, from renovating the Residence Art Gallery, to restoring the Rembrandt Etching Press purchased by the School in 1973, to being a vital part of the opening of The Simpson Center.