Letter Writing Beyond Baldwin

Baldwin's 7th and 8th grade students have entered the exciting world of Pen Pals! They recently launched a partnership with the St. Joseph of Cluny Secondary School in Ireland. During advisory, our students wrote their first letters to their new pals, the 1st and 2nd year students at St. Joseph. Why this particular school in Ireland? Their head librarian, Dr. Jean Henefer, is a Baldwin alumna (Class of 1978), and immediately thought of Baldwin when she first conceived of the project.
This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to enhance their understanding and learning about a culture that’s different from them, as well as flexing their writing muscles; at a time where so many of our kids communicate via text, where words are abbreviated and full sentences are a thing of the past, having to sit down and write a full letter is a novel, and somewhat challenging, experience for them. Our letters — complete with selfies of our students — were mailed out in mid-February and our students are eagerly awaiting the responses!