Congratulations to Reed Fellowship Recipients

One of Baldwin’s most special traditions is to recognize community members who have shown a commitment to the School’s mission and core values, while making a lasting difference to the School and its students. The Reed Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to a full-time teacher who demonstrates a passion for teaching at any grade level from Pre-K through Grade 12. This endowed fellowship awards sustained excellence, passion for and innovation in teaching and recognizes someone who leaves a profound mark on the community.

It is a special honor because the awardee is selected by his or her peers, nominated by fellow faculty and staff, through the Faculty Staff Council. The honoree receives a $5,000 stipend to help fund something that will benefit the enrichment of their classroom experience.

This year, during a global pandemic, the Faculty Staff Council received multiple nominations that spoke to how far teachers have pushed themselves to creatively support students’ learning and described how much faculty have given, personally and professionally, to their colleagues. During a year that’s demanded more innovation than ever and a time when sustained excellence shines brighter than usual, Baldwin honors two faculty members who have left a profound mark on the community.
Congratulations to both Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair and Lower School DREAM Lab Teacher Stephanie Greer and Math Teacher Harvey Campbell.
Stephanie Greer is known for her “immeasurable dedication and passion for teaching.” One fellow Lower School teacher noted the “magical and calm” way she communicates with her students, and remarked that her class makes students “feel safe” because she finds so many innovative ways to “create an environment where students not only know that it's okay to fail but where they are encouraged to do so.”
Her innovative thinking and commitment to Baldwin’s mission were readily apparent last spring, when we pivoted to Baldwin Wired. She selflessly spent her entire Spring Break helping plan for the shift to online learning, even hosting group and individual tutorials for other teachers to help them feel more comfortable with Zoom, Google Classroom and Seesaw. Ever since, she has been at the forefront of conversations about how to continually improve the program for our online and in-person learners. In the words of one colleague, “The Lower School, quite literally, would not have been able to navigate the pandemic without her.”
Harvey Campbell is likewise a teacher who is “loved by all.” In his 8th year as a member of Baldwin’s faculty, he is renowned for his creativity and passion for excellence, and for always demonstrating exactly what student-centered teaching looks like in action. Fellow faculty have said that his class is one that “brings students’ studies to life. He is a truly inspiring educator who always strives to improve, innovate and create meaningful learning experiences for Baldwin students, year after year.” For Harvey, “teaching is all about finding new ways to support his students and share with them his love of mathematics.” Harvey also finds the time to help members of the wider community whenever needed – even taking free time to help tutor colleagues’ family members during nights and weekends. It’s no wonder that faculty and staff also mention how his jovial, kind, welcoming nature creates a community for all.
Harvey uses math to teach life lessons, art, cooking and so many other things; it has made him “not just a teacher, but also a mentor, surrogate father and champion of each and every student that he has taught.”