Carolyn Jones ’73 to Join Baldwin as DEI Director

The Baldwin School is thrilled to share that Ms. Carolyn Jones '73 will join Baldwin as its new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Carolyn is no stranger to the Baldwin community as she is an alumna, a past parent and has served on the Board of Trustees. She brings with her a wealth of experience in diversity, equity and inclusion leadership through a career that has spanned the globe. She most recently served as Principal Lead in Global DEI Inclusive Experiences for Amazon where she created and executed meaningful strategies to drive Amazon’s strategic DEI initiatives. Prior to that, Carolyn’s extensive career has included roles in senior management and global leadership at Verizon, Raytheon, Boon Allen Hamilton and The University of Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, Carolyn has developed multiple comprehensive training programs, created and evaluated professional development opportunities, served as a consultant to senior leadership and addressed change management on a cultural level.  
Most notably, Carolyn has extensive experience in championing and accelerating the careers of women around the world, and Baldwin is excited for her to return to her roots and do the same for our students. A former Girl Scout leader and board member, accomplished executive coach and mother to a Baldwin graduate, Carolyn brings a strong understanding of the social emotional development of young women. Baldwin is confident in her understanding of the nuances of the community, her ability to build strong relationships with students and community members and her transparent and accessible approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Faculty, staff, students and parents who interacted with Carolyn throughout the search continually noted her collaborative nature, her focus on building a community where all members feel welcome and supported and her understanding of the culture of the School and the world around us. She expressed the importance of recognizing and celebrating myriad experiences and voices within the Baldwin community and emphasized the importance of embracing diversity and inspiring positive change to create an environment where all members feel welcome and supported.