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Our endowment is an investment in the future, ensuring we can pursue our essential mission in perpetuity. A strong endowment gives us confidence to plan and make strategic, long-term decisions on a foundation of financial security.

Currently, The Baldwin School operates under a tuition-driven model, with the majority of each year’s budget—roughly 85%—coming from tuition revenue. This model limits our ability to achieve new goals and make new investments without increasing tuition to unacceptably high levels. To become less dependent on tuition, the most fiscally responsible way is to significantly increase the School’s endowment.

By investing in unrestricted endowment gifts, you are establishing a future for our most valuable resources—our teachers, students and campus. These funds allow us to better compensate our outstanding faculty, increase student scholarship aid, and maintain our historic buildings and beautiful grounds.

Financial Objective:

Our goal is to steadily grow our endowment so we can become less reliant on tuition for general operating expenses and ensure a more secure financial future for the School.

Named Scholarships

Marilyn Graham Abbady Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1996 in memory of Marilyn Graham Abbady ’55, by her family and friends to support tuition assistance. Marilyn enrolled in The Baldwin School in 1946. The school and the memory of her years there assumed a permanent place in her heart. She remained an involved and supportive alumna until the end of her life. As a scholarship student herself, her family felt it fitting to honor her memory by making it possible for another young woman to have the benefit of a similar education. 

The Amsterdam Scholarship Fund
Drs. John and Alice Amsterdam established this fund in 2003 to honor Julia ’16 and Alexis ’92. The fund reflects the family’s gratitude for being able to provide their daughters with a Baldwin education and their desire to make this experience possible in perpetuity for future generations of Baldwin women and girls. 

The Dale Kimble Ausbrook Fund 
This fund was established in 1979 by Maxine Gibson Haneman in memory of her daughter Dale Dale Kimble Ausbrook ’51, to provide tuition assistance to a student in the Upper School. 

Shirley Oakes Butler Scholarship
To honor and perpetuate the memory of Shirley Lewis Oakes Butler ’47, classmate Dr. Eugenie Havemeyer ’47 has endowed a fund to assist an Upper School student who has exhibited the potential to be a “cosmopolite” or citizen of the world. As an outstanding student while at Baldwin, Shirley was president of her class and the editor of the Hourglass in addition to being a varsity athlete. She was co-founder of the international merchant bank, Butlers’ Bank Ltd. in the Bahamas and founder of General Bahamian Companies Ltd. where she was president and chairman. Shirley was a humanitarian and a true citizen of the world who championed the underdog and people with potential but not means. 

Dewey Family Scholarship
The Dewey Family Scholarship was established in 1996 by Margaret Dewey Hicks ’55 to underwrite the tuition expenses of a deserving Middle School student.

Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship
This fund provides need based financial aid to a deserving Upper School student in an effort to increase the School’s socio-economic diversity. This fund has been supplemented by additional grants in 1985 and 1992. 

The Global Fund for Girls
In honor of their 50th reunion, the Class of 1960 established the Global Fund for Girls. This fund provides assistance to students with financial need to be able to participate in Baldwin’s global initiatives specifically, travel/living expenses associated with opportunities abroad.

Garic Hadley Scholarship
In honor of her mother, Marjorie Garic Thomas, Linda A. Hadley ’81 established this scholarship in 1998 to underwrite the scholarship support of a Middle or Upper School student.

The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Scholar
The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation Scholarship was established in 1994, in honor of Carlotta Greenfield Howard ’38, the daughter of Mr. Albert M. Greenfield. Income from this fund provides tuition assistance to a Baldwin student. 

Rachel Funk Jenkins ’44 Scholar Athlete
This fund was established in 1998 to honor former Board Chair, Rachel Funk Jenkins ’44, who was also a Physical Education teacher at Baldwin for 10 years. Income from the scholarship will be used to recruit deserving young scholar athletics to Baldwin.

Rebecca Trent Kirkland Scholarship
Dr. Rebecca Trent Kirkland ’60 created this scholarship in 1983 in honor of selection as Baldwin’s Alumnae Award winner. Dr. Kirkland is an internationally known endocrinologist and Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. This fund provides tuition assistance to a student in the Upper School.

Julia MacBean Scholar
This scholarship was established in 1980 as a memorial to Julia MacBean by her friends and family. The interest is to be used to provide tuition assistance with preference given to students in the Lower School.

The Mater Scholarship Fund for Financial Aid
The Mater Scholarship Fund for Financial Aid was established in memory of Virginia Light Aiguier, mother of Antoinette Aiguier Pearman '42 and Eugenie Aiguier Havemeyer '47 and great grandmother of Anne A. Trott '97, Christine A. Trott '98 and Eugenie D. Trott '98. This fund is provided by her children, grandchildren, and special friends to assist in tuition assistance.

The Anne Hogg Penick Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund
To honor their 30th reunion, the Class of 1975 established The Anne Hogg Penick Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund in memory of their classmate, Anne. This fund provides financial aid support to a deserving student who demonstrates academic excellence. 

Ross-Brooks Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Brooks established this scholarship in 1984 in memory of Mrs. Brooks’ grandparents, Hannah Elizabeth Holmes Ross and Jessie Waterman Brooks, who were both teachers. This fund is used to provide tuition assistance for a student in the Upper School.

Rowland Family Scholarship
Elizabeth Atchley Rowland ’64, in honor of her mother Barbara Welch ’34 and her aunts Martha Welch Atchley ’37 and Anne Welch Viner ’42, established the Rowland Family Scholarship in 2006, to provide tuition assistance to a qualified young woman.

Salmon Foundation Scholarship
The Salmon Foundation scholarship was established in 1999. Income from the endowment is to be used to provide tuition assistance to a student or students of color attending the school. 

The Kathleen Compton Sherrerd and John J. F. Sherrerd Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1986 by Kathy Compton Sherrerd, class of '50, and her husband Jay to assist in tuition assistance to deserving students.

Abigail Adams Silvers M.D. Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2005 in memory of Abigail Adams Silvers ’52 by her loving family and friends. As the winner of the 2002 Alumna Lifetime Achievement Award, Gail was committed to The Baldwin School, her classmates and the belief that young women deserve a stellar education regardless of their financial capability. The fund will provide tuition assistance to an Upper School student.

The Elizabeth Odell Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund was established by the family and friends of Elizabeth Odell Smith ’27, in her loving memory and recognition of her abiding interest in the School and contribution to both a student and as a teacher. Income generated by the fund provides tuition assistance to a winner of an annual competitive academic scholarship examination, with preference given to an Upper School student. 

The Blair Danzoll Stambaugh Fund for Financial Aid
In honor of the retirement of Blair D. Stambaugh, sixth Head of School, this scholarship was established to cover tuition need as well as expenses with books, uniforms and student’s class ring. Bringing young girls to Baldwin, regardless of their financial capability was a mission close to Blair’s heart. 

Steppingstone Scholarship Fund
This fund was established anonymously in 2007 to provide tuition assistance to a student from the Steppingstone program.

Jessie H. Sullivan Scholarship
Established in 1998 by Peter and Virginia Sullivan Carry ’64, the Jessie H. Sullivan Scholarship was created in memory of Virginia’s mother, who was an elementary school teacher, to provide assistance to a student in the Lower School.

Alex Wake Scholarship
Alexandra Wake was a freshman at the Baldwin School when she was prematurely taken from our midst. Alex was a joyful and vibrant member of the community and an enthusiastic participant in school activities, including the Cross Country and Winter Track Teams. In her honor, Baldwin has established the Alex Wake ’05 Memorial Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this endowed fund is to assist a qualified young woman such as Alex in the pursuit of a college preparatory education at the Baldwin School. It is supported through an annual 5K Walk/Run and individual donations.

Faculty Funds

The Connelly Foundation Endowment Fund for Faculty Enrichment
Established through a generous grant by the Connelly Foundation in 1996, this fund is for the promotion of professional growth and enrichment of Baldwin’s faculty.

The Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund for Faculty Salaries
This fund was created through a grant from Edward E. Ford Foundation in 1978 to support faculty salaries.

The Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund for Upper School Faculty Professional Growth
The Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund for Upper School Faculty Professional Growth was established in 1988 by a grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation. The fund provides faculty with training and information necessary in handling counseling, teenage social problems, global education and women's studies.

Susan Gillick Fund
This fund was established in 1996 by the family of Susan Gillick, a supporter of the theater. The income from this fund will benefit the Drama department.

The Louise F. Hutchinson Memorial Fund
Established in 1964 by Edward P. Hutchinson to honor the memory of his wife, Louise F. Hutchinson, who was head of the math department for many years at Baldwin. The income from the fund is to benefit the math department.

The Lois Pressman Sabbatical Fund
The Lois Pressman Sabbatical Fund was created in 2015 to honor Lois Pressman, teacher and administrator at the Baldwin School from 1976 to 2014. It honors her wholehearted commitment to her students, whom she inspired inside the classroom and out, and to the faculty, for whom she was a source of encouragement and guidance. At the heart of this fund is her deep belief that teachers need and deserve opportunities to broaden their horizons. This fund supports sabbatical excursions for intellectual or academic pursuit.

The Marjorie Lindsay Reed '39 Fund for Excellence in Teaching
This annual faculty fellowship was created by Marjorie Reed ’39, to assist the school in securing and furthering its exceptional environment for learning by recognizing and supporting an outstanding teacher each year. Faculty fellows are selected each year for the award based upon their dynamic involvement in their disciplines and with their students. Because Baldwin believes in the importance of having extraordinary teachers from pre-K through 12th grade, awardees may teach at any grade level.

The Anne Shoemaker Fund for Faculty Summer Enrichment
This fund was established in 1981 in honor of fifth Head of School, Anne Shoemaker, to underwrite yearly grants for faculty renewal. These awards are to be used for personal enrichment for the refreshment of self and spirit. More than 50 members of our faculty and staff have received this award throughout the years.

The Elisabeth Klebanoff '80 Memorial Fund for English Faculty Enrichment
The Elisabeth Klebanoff ‘80 Memorial Fund for English Faculty Enrichment was established in 2002 to honor the memory of Elisabeth Klebanoff ’80. Income from the fund will support Baldwin’s English department faculty in attending seminars, bringing in guest authors/speakers, and purchasing special programming to enrich student learning. The fund will exist in perpetuity, remembering Elisabeth and assisting Baldwin’s excellent faculty in nurturing the success of future Baldwin students.

Teaching Chairs

The Rosamond Cross Endowed Teaching Chair
In honor of the retirement of the fourth Head of School, Rosamond Cross, a chair was created to partially underwrite the salary of the chair holder for two years and provides a small yearly stipend to be used for research or professional enrichment. The chair was awarded for the first time in 1991 to Lois Goutman, head of the drama department. 

The Lois Goutman Endowed Teaching Chair
This fund was established in May of 1993 by friends and family of Lois Goutman in honor of her retirement after 42 years as the Head of the Drama Department at Baldwin.

The Helen Robinson Persons Endowed Chair for Faculty Salaries
The Helen Robinson Persons Endowed Chair was created in 1997 through the generosity of Helen Robinson Persons ’32. This fund establish a chair in the Department of Physical Education and Athletics. The first recipient of the chair was the head of the department at the time, Ms. Patricia West.

Other Endowed Funds

The Baldwin School Academic Athlete College Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Baldwin School Academic Athletic College Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 by Wendy Zalles Vella '89 and her parents David and Judy Zalles. The fund, its related income and appreciation, are to be used to underwrite college scholarship support for a graduating Baldwin Senior chosen by Baldwin. Students qualifying for the scholarship must demonstrate academic strength, athletic contribution and financial need. 

The Philip Giagnacova Grounds Beautification Fund
This fund was established in 1995 by the estate of Philip Giagnacovato to assist in beautification of the campus.

The Ruth S. Hochberger ’68 Speaker Series
Income from this fund will support an annual speaker series at The Baldwin School.

The Ruth S. Hochberger ’68 Hourglass Sustaining Fund
This fund was established by Ruth S. Hochberger ’68 in 2002. Ms. Hochberger’s experience as a former editor of the Hourglass was pivotal in starting her down the road as a professional journalist. Income from the fund will support the operational needs of the Baldwin School’s Upper School student newspaper, the Hourglass

The Lewars Academic Preseason Fund
The Lewars Academic Preseason Fund was established by Nancy Corbit Lewars '60 to provide financial assistance to help students become acclimated through summer enrichment programs before entering the Middle School and the Upper School.

Frances Oakford Moore Fund
Franny Moore '22, Honorary Trustee of the Baldwin School, Centennial Award Winner, Former President of the Alumnae Association, and school historian established this endowed fund in the summer of 1991. The income from the fund is to be used, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, for yearly expenses of any nature, capital or current.

The Romelle Pethick Jewelry Award
This fund was established in memory of Romelle Pethick, a beloved teacher in the Art Department for 31 years. With her generous spirit, Mrs. Pethick imparted to each girl an appreciation of elegant design and the ability to patiently work with a meticulous attention to detail; she instilled in the students a desire to create beautiful objects. In her presence, the girls heard stories, laughed and experienced the joy of life. This award is given to a girl in the senior class who exemplifies this dedication and process of creating beautifully designed and crafted objects in metal.

The Melanie and Lauren Sheerr Hourglass Fund
The Melanie and Lauren Sheerr Hourglass Fund was endowed in 2000 by Betsy and Richard Sheerr in honor of Melanie ’96 and Lauren Sheerr ’00.  Income from the fund is to be used to underwrite an award to benefit the publication of the student newspaper, the Hourglass. The award will be given at the discretion of the Hourglass advisor to pay for the costs associated with editorial training and the enhancement of the Hourglass.

The White Blazer Fund
This fund was established in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. John P. Park to underwrite the prestigious White Blazer award presented to an outstanding senior athlete during the Athletic Association banquet each spring.

The Barbara Welch French Endowed Library Fund
This fund was established in 1996 in honor of Barbara Welch French ’34 by her daughter Elizabeth Atchley Rowland ’64. The income from this fund is to be used to purchase books for the Library.

The Leela Menon, M.D. Memorial Fund
The Leela Menon M.D. Memorial Fund for choral/musical performances was established in memory of Dr. Leela Menon by her granddaughters, Mira Menon Sachdeva ’97 and Uma Menon Sachdeva ’99.  The fund will be used to sponsor an annual event that invites guest artist(s) to the school for a concert for the Baldwin community.

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