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Maskers Club Nominated for Eight Cappies
Posted 04/26/2017 02:26PM

Congratulations to the Maskers Club! The Baldwin School's Upper School Maskers, under direction of drama teacher Aileen McCulloch, have been nominated for eight award categories with the Greater Philadelphia Cappies. 

The production of “Twelve Angry Jurors” has been nominated for seven awards, including Leading Actor, Sanjana Friedman ’17; Supporting Actress, Ishana S. ’17; Comic Actress, Audrey Senior ’18; Featured Actress, Jane Bradley ’17; Outstanding Play (awarded to a play that is exceptional in all elements); Outstanding Ensemble (awarded to a group that is exceptional as an ensemble of actors); and Creative Award for Dramaturgical Research and the Preshow and Post Show presentations, under the direction of Carly McIntosh ’18, Julia Maenza ’18, Noor Bowman ’20 and Roya Alidjani ’17. In addition, 11th grade critic, Emily Thompson, has been nominated for the Outstanding Critic Award!

Also featured in the show's nominated performance are: Melia Hagino ’18, Emily Thompson ’18, Jattu Fahnbulleh ’20, Lauren Fosnacht ’17, Cristina Artis ’17, Katrina (Kit) Conklin ’20, Katherine Mostek ’18, Ashley Tate ’19, Neelam Pandya ’18, Lila-Ana Balatel ’18 and Lionel McCulloch. The group will perform a five-minute scene from the show during the Greater Philadelphia Area Cappies Award presentation at Unionville High school on May 21. 

Assistant Director for the production was Roya Alidjani and the show was stage managed by Sarai Brown-Alexander ’17. The show was costumed by Alexis McCall ’18, Lighting Design was by Jennifer Brown ’17 and Set and Props were designed by Kathryn Park ’18. Julia Maenza headed up Public Relations and Marketing, with assistance from Lily Barnes ’17 (video editing), Roya Alidjani (video filming) and Audrey Senior (cast photography). The Dramaturgy team was supported by the Upper School Introduction to Drama Class (Fall semester), who worked with Noor Bowman on research for the production. The class included Destiny Brown ’19, Alyssa Morales ’19, Maria Nguyen ’19, Cartier Thomas ’19, Sidney Silberg ’18, Ashley Tate and Katherine Mostek.

The Cappies is a writing and awards program that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers and leaders. Student critics vie to be published in local media outlets by attending productions at other schools and writing critical reviews. The Cappies team includes Jane Bradley (team leader), Emily Thompson, Neelam Pandya, Carly McIntosh and Julia Maenza.

Each participating school selects a show to be attended, and also forms a team of 3 to 9 student critics and 2 adult volunteers in the fall. After each show, the mentors and program director select the best written reviews to be sent to local press outlets. All the reviews are also sent back to the performing school. At the end of the season, a Tonys-like celebration occurs, where all nominated shows perform a cutting or the critics' choice song, and the final Cappies awards are presented with a trophy by regional critics and peers. 

Special thanks to Caedmon Haas for assistance as co-adult critic volunteer for the Baldwin School, and to Angela Bensinger and Shelly Luccia for assistance during the Cappies performance night.

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