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LS Gets Heart Healthy
Posted 02/27/2015 03:25PM

For the 10th year, Baldwin’s Lower School students “Jumped Rope for Heart” for the American Heart Association. This initiative teaches students how to take care of their hearts while they experience the joy of giving back to their community by raising money to fight heart disease. The jump rope skills the student learn and the experience of being part of a larger program that’s happening all across the country will serve students for a lifetime.

In addition to exercising, our girls have the opportunity to honor a family member or friend who is living and fighting heart disease and stroke right now by signing a special “In Honor of,” card or family members and friends who lost their fight to heart disease and stroke. The cards were displayed the week of the event in the Athletic Center.
Students participated in the following jumping activities:

1. Rope flat, each student will perform various movements around the rope to music cues.
2. Shake the Snake, two students sit on floor and shake the rope as team attempts to jump across a wiggly rope.
3. Helicopter, Teacher or 4th or 5th grade student stands in center of group. Swing rope slowly in a circular movement along the ground as team members attempt to jump as it passes under their feet.
4. Limbo, 2 teachers hold the rope horizontally, while team passes under rope and returns to end of line. Begin with rope at the highest level, and after entire group passes under one level the level lowers, becoming more difficult.
5. Twirl Long Rope, 2 members and team members jump in and out of long rope.
6. Individual Jump Rope, students in group select a rope and try jumping rope with a skip or two feet or alternating with one foot.
7. Jump Off Contests, grades 3-5, one grade at a time to the center of gymnasium for an individual jump off contest.

The final 3 students still jumping, per grade receive a JRFH medal. This year teachers had a jump off contest as well.

The deadline for turning in donations is Thursday, March 19. Approximately 80 percent of the funds raised go directly to the mission, funding extensive research efforts, heart education and programs to help us all live healthier lives. According to the AHA, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of all Americans and more people die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. The AHA is second only to the U.S. government in funding research in heart disease and stroke.


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