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Upper School Drama Class Explores Makeup and Mask Work
Posted 03/22/2018 02:51PM

The Upper School Drama Classes were recently given an opportunity to request special lessons leading up to Spring Break. They chose Masks and Makeup for exploration. Creating a full mask presentation was the Introduction to Drama class, whose recent exploration has been Greek Theater and the physical styles of classic productions.

Two teams broke up to create original masked performances. Asia Blocker '21, Skylar Zachian '21 and Lucy Bonin '21 focused on a two-minute exploration of a bus driver and her unruly bus riders, while Kit Conklin '20, Berlyn Squillaro '21 and Anajah Brown '21 worked on a piece about a hip dancing janitor who is unaware that his museum is being robbed as he worked. The videos will be posted on the Maskers website once they are completed.

Advanced Drama Stage Craft Studies explored old age and fx makeup for two sessions, to see what reaction others might have to various types of stage makeup. Each artist worked on another actor's face, to give the actor the experience of being made up and the artist the experience of working on someone else, as a professional makeup artist would. The Intro class also asked to do a similar session once they finish their mask projects.

Each year advanced students collaborate with Ms. McCulloch to create the list of topics that students wish to study in drama class. Acting, Directing, Stagecraft and Management are all explored during a full year of drama studies. All introduction and advanced students work on at least two monologues a year, script analysis of selected plays and studies in special pull out areas like physical theater, mask studies, makeup design, set design, costume design, directing, etc., depending on the student's preferred area of study. Students interested in taking drama may take the class for up to four years and explore different plays or specialty areas in every year they take class. When deemed necessary, independent studies are also offered to allow Baldwin students the opportunity to focus on areas of expertise they might like to pursue in the future.

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