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MS, US TSA Chapters Participate in State Conference
Posted 04/24/2018 01:04PM

By Megan Cooper '21

TSA is...

1. A club where students are able to embrace their love for STEM in a welcoming environment

2. A competitive organization that prepares students to "lead in a technical world"

This past weekend, The Baldwin Middle School and Upper School chapters participated in the 40th annual Technology Student Association (TSA) state conference. This conference was a four-day trip to the Seven Spring Resort in Champion, PA, where students entered their projects and competed in various types of events from Fashion Design and Children's Stories to Video Game Design and Mass Production.

The competition at states is tough with more than 60 competitive events and 2,300 participants, including students, advisors and visitors. Through hard work and dedication, many of the Baldwin students qualified for the National Conference in late June. The results are as follows:

  • Video Game Design - Ella Gutstadt '24 and Wynne Conger '23 - 1st place
  • On-Demand Video - Kahlia Bailey '21, Yasmin Yaghi '21, Hana Ahanger '21, Maggie Song '21, Elina Emami '21, Zora Zhang '21- 1st place
  • Problem Solving - Megan Cooper '21 and Kahlia Bailey '21 - 2nd place
  • Fashion Design - Megan Cooper '21 and Kahlia Bailey '21 - 3rd place
  • Prepared Presentation - Hana Ahanger '21 - 6th place
  • Career Prep - Rachel Gopalani '23 - 7th place
  • Community Service Video - Wynne Conger '23 and Elena Winter '23 - 8th place
  • Mass Production - Elena Winter '23 and Wynne Conger '23 - 9th place
  • Children's Stories - Niya Shah '21, Maggie Song '21, Zora Zhang '21, Yasmin Yaghi '21 and Hana Ahanger '21 - 9th place
  • Safety Illustration - Rachel Gopalani '23 - 9th place
  • PA Logo Design - Ella Gutstadt '24 - 10th place
  • All of these awards are incredibly impressive, especially with the tough competition! Events like Problem Solving, On Demand Video and Video Game Design are incredibly popular, with many submissions.

    The schedule during the conference can be exhausting! A typical day starts with getting up at 6-6:30 a.m. to head to breakfast. After the delicious breakfast of cereal, waffles and bacon, students head back up to their rooms to get ready. They dress in business-like attire, with the occasional royal blue TSA shirt, grey bottoms and a blazer. Depending on the day, there is either an opening ceremony, competitive events or the awards ceremony following. Each day there was a scheduled time to all meet at the Wintergreen room, or TSA Command Center, to check in and see how everyone's day is going. This is also a place to ask questions of Mrs. Lapinski or Mrs. Evans, to catch up, to print last minute documentation or to get bandages because our 3-inch heels are becoming uncomfortable. Either way, the Wintergreen room is a popular spot at Seven Springs. Around noon, everyone prepares for lunch. It is amazing food! There is salad, meat, pasta and how could we forget the famous pudding cups! Everyone hopes to remember their meal cards or else no food for you! There is also pizza and an ice cream shop; however, that is not the healthiest options (but the pudding is, of course). After getting fueled up, students carry on with their competitive events or use this time to go and view the events of others. After dinner and a long day, students get to sleep around 11:30 p.m. Boy is everyone exhausted!

    One of the most rewarding things from the conference is seeing all the hard work pay off. Students prepare for weeks, months and most often the night before the departure for the State Conference. The multi-page documentations must be completed with its associated flash drives and DVDs in clear portfolios. Everyone's projects must be completed and ready for submission with the Team Ids. And lastly, luggage has to be packed with the appropriate apparel, shoes and what-not.

    Despite the hectic schedule of the conference, it is a memorable experience with exceptional outcomes. Students learn about the importance of teamwork, time-management and most importantly that hard work pays off. Thank you to our advisors, Mr. Lilholt, Ms. Burke, Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Lapinski and congratulations to the 15 Baldwin School students who participated in this wonderful experience. Congratulations on all the success, and good luck at the Technology Student Association National Conference June 22-26 in Atlanta.

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