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2017-18 Athletics Awards Announced
Posted 06/05/2018 01:46PM

The Upper School Athletics Association held its annual varsity awards celebration on Monday, June 4 in the Athletic Center gym. The evening commenced with opening remarks by Director of Athletics Deb Surgi and Head of Athletic Association Marissa McGarrey '18.

The 2017-18 co-captains of each sport recapped their respective season and presented next year's captains. The varsity head coaches of each sport announced the team MVP and issued official split B varsity letters and pins. The Athletic Association created a photo highlight video with music that captured the sports year.

The following are the 2017-18 special award winners, MVP recipients and next school year's captains and Athletic Association board:

2017-18 Special Awards
Pat West Award: Gia Vicari '19
Margot Cunningham Commitment Award: Myla Barnett '18, Bria Beauvais '18 and Marissa McGarrey '18
The Most Valuable Manager Award: Zoya Siddiqui '19
Alice Comly Award: Oona Maloney '18
Lois Harlos Award: Absara Irgau '18 and Samantha Martin '18
Tina Roak Award: Marissa McGarrey '18
Ruth Davidon Elite Athlete Award: Grace Steelman '18
White Blazer Award: Myla Barnett '18

2017-18 MVP Awards
The Julia Pudlin Cross Country Award: Madison Brown '21
The Tracy Tunnell Field Hockey Awars: Eliza Thaler '18
The Baldwin School Soccer Award: Carly McIntosh '18
The Steffan Wright Tennis Award: Francesca Douglas '18
The Liz and Kate Braemer Volleyball Award: Haley Tavares '18
The Nancy Park Basketball Award: Bria Beauvais '18
The Baldwin School Dance Award: Amy Zhang '18
The Baldwin School Diving Award: Megan Cooper '21
The Lyn Hopkins Swimming Award: Elizabeth Bunn '18
The Baldwin School Squash Award: Grace Steelman '18 and Sara Syed '18
The Baldwin School Indoor Track Award: Myla Barnett '18
The Baldwin School Crew Award: Julia Love '18
The Baldwin School Golf Award: Teagan Krane '19
The Margaret Johnston Lacrosse Award: Marissa McGarrey '18
The Natalie Georges and Erica Miller Softball Award: Samantha Martin '18
The Jennifer Dietrich Track and Field Award: Absara Irgau '18

2017-18 Baldwin School Varsity Pin
* Student-Athlete who plays on three varsity teams in one year and did not receive the award in previous years.
Kahlia Bailey '21
Bria Beauvais '18
Madison Brown '21
Alexa Diecidue '19

2017-18 Baldwin School Commitment Pin
* Student-Athlete who plays on three teams at any level in a given year and has not already qualified for the Baldwin School Varsity pin.
Jasmine Bell '21
Eleanor Capuano '21
Presley Daggett '21
Alaina Donnelly '21
Abigail Dubinski '21
Grace Marsters '21
Esther Moola '21
Ashling O'Dwyer '21
Maura Smith '21
Berlyn Squillaro '21
Zora Zhang '21

2018-19 Varsity Captains
Cross Country: Noor Bowman '20, Madison Brown '21
Field Hockey: Nadia Dixon '19, Maria Harlamova '20
Soccer: Simi Bleznak '19, Celia Page '19
Tennis: Alexa Diecidue '19, Alexis Shatzman '19
Volleyball: Laura Pellicano '19, Cartier Thomas '19
Basketball: Simi Bleznak '19, Olivia Tornetta '19
Dance: Alyssa Chatman '19, Carys Li '19
Diving: Maria Harlamova '20, Talia Viroslav '20
Indoor Track: Celia Page '19, Acey Pratt '20
Swimming: Katie Cappola '19, Alexa Diecidue '19
Squash: Alexis Shatzman '19, Isabella Tyminski '19
Crew: Jane Bai '19, Helen Ji '19
Golf: Teagan Krane '19, Lillian Siderowf '20
Lacrosse: Sean Tuckman '19, Lila Tuckman '19
Softball: Georgia Dahm '19, Alex Loomis '20
Track and Field: Acey Pratt '20, Katherine Yang '20

2018-19 Athletic Association Board
Head: Lauren Bracken
Grade 12 Reps: Natalie Sgro, Olivia Tornetta, Taylor Trapp
Grade 11 Reps: Alex Loomis, Hanna Maier, Leah White
Grade 10 Reps: Madison Brown, Sophia Tavangar
Grade 9 Reps: Ainsley Steele, Kaya Weiser

See photos from the event here.

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