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Upper School Class Day 2018
Posted 06/05/2018 02:01PM

On Tuesday, June 5, Baldwin recognized outstanding students at Class Day in celebration of their high academic achievements and demonstration of Baldwin's ideals in their everyday lives. These students received the following awards in recognition of the many contributions they have made as individuals to the Baldwin community.

The highest honor, The Baldwin Award given to a senior who has distinguished herself in pursuit of excellence in academics, the arts, leadership, service and sensitivity to others, whose sense of fair play and loyalty has won her the respect of faculty and students alike — went to Carly McIntosh '18.

See photos from Class Day here.

Other awards include:

The Baldwin Class of 2003 Award, endowed by the members of the Class of 2003, commends an Upper School student for her dedication to academic pursuits, creative approach to leadership and strong sense of class unity. This year, the Class of 2003 Award was given to Cara Guernsey '18.

The Baldwin Class of 2002 Award, established by the parents of the Class of 2002, is given to the senior who, through her personality and character, has made her class special for its members. The award recognizes the winner's sensitivity toward others, kindness, dedication and approachability. This year, it was awarded to Bria Beauvais '18.

The Baldwin Class of 1998 Award commends an Upper School student for her achievement, perseverance, and determination in the face of challenges. This year it was awarded to Caroline Buchner '18.

The Rachel Shao Sun Award is a memorial tribute to a Baldwin mom and Board of Trustees member. This honor is awarded to a senior who has exhibited academic excellence, leadership, warmth, good humor, and the ability to be a true friend: Melia Hagino '18.

The Caroline Simon Award given in honor of Caroline Simon, a Senior Trustee, goes to the junior or senior who, in the judgment of the Upper School faculty, has completed during the academic year an outstanding project, activity or body of work which demonstrates creativity, willingness to take a risk, and sustained effort in the pursuit of academic excellence. This year the award is given to a senior who has created a platform that enables Baldwin students to pursue and share significant personal intellectual pursuits - the Baldwin Review; the product of her vision and hard work over the last two and half years: Eliza Thaler '18.

The Phi Beta Kappa Award is given to a student who embodies the ideals of academic achievement, character, and a love of wisdom and learning. This year it was awarded to Hilary Liu '18.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation recognized 3 Baldwin seniors as finalists this year: Cara Guernsey '18, Hilary Liu '18 and Pranshu Suri '18.

The winner of the National Merit Scholarship is Pranshu Suri '18.

The winner of the National Merit Amerisource Berger Corporation Scholarship is Audrey Senior '18.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards – The following students have earned National Medals in the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards presented by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers: Erin Chang '19 won a silver medal for her photograph "Halcyon Youth" and Alissa Liu '19 won a gold medal for her Sculpture "Addition, Subtraction."

The Society of Women Engineers recognizes and honors high school women who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of mathematics and science for three years. Certificates of highest honors were presented to: Cara Guernsey '18, Grace Steelman '18 and Pranshu Suri '18.

The Coughanowr Linguistics Award was given by Effie Natsis Coughanowr, mother of two Baldwin graduates, to honor the teaching and learning of language. The Award stipulates that the winner must take two or more years of Latin and at least two years of another language. This year it is awarded to a student who has shown deep commitment to her learning in Spanish as well as Latin: Caroline Buchner '18.

The Eva Macklis Award is presented to the student who has a profound interest in and dedication to the Performing Arts. If her dedication to the B-Flats, Introduction and Advanced drama class studies, Upper School Chorus and every single Maskers production in the last four years, (including workshop one acts) was not sufficient, this student has also made a powerful impact on expanding our arts community through her efforts to welcome everyone to the stage with a bright smile and a sincere invitation to participate in performing arts. With gratitude for the joy she brings to an audience and her fellow performers, the Eva Macklis Award in the performing arts was presented to Melia Hagino '18

The Baldwin School Academic Athlete College Scholarship honors a student who demonstrates academic strength as well as athletic contribution. The award has been given to Carly McIntosh '18.

The Fourteen Year Club recognizes students who have been at Baldwin from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. This year there are 13 new members:

Gabrielle Alston, Juliana Kho, Tara McMahon, Sophia Nicoletti, Sabrina Rustgi, Natalia Schafer, Audrey Senior, Mary Rose Shields, Grace Steelman, Caroline Sterman, Zoe Stevens, Lauren Wang and Rachel White.

The Thirteen Year Club recognizes students who have been at Baldwin from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This year there are six new members: Hailey Barnett, Myla Barnett, Bria Beauvais, Mariana Leone, Cassandra Stecker and Eliza Thaler.

Department Awards:


Rhode Island School of Design Award: Kate Park '18

Fackenthal Award in Fine Arts at Baldwin: Sophia Nicoletti '18

Romelle Pethick Jewelry Award: Sharzad Shojaian '18

Art Department Award for Two-Dimensional Media: Sophie Lewis '18

Jan Pethick Award for Three-Dimensional Media: Miyanni Stewart '18

Carolyn Oscar Memorial Art History Award: Sabrina Rustgi '18


Lily Ross Taylor Cicero Award: Amanda Yep '20

Sarah Morris Lyric Poetry Prize: Angela Yang '18 and Hannah Dubinski '18

The Richmond Lattimore Vergil Prize: Jane Bai '19

Marian Gamble Award: Hilary Liu '18 and Pranshu Suri '18

Computer Science

Computer Science Department Award: Juliana Kho '18


Marian E. Stearns Prize: Audrey Senior '18

Diane Jarvis Hunter Prize: Mariana Leone '18 and Anna Bunting '18

Baldwin Creative Writing Award: Katie Mostek '18 and Julia Maenza '18


Marthe C. Melchior Award: Absara Irgau '18 and Emily Thompson '18

Pierrette H. David Award: Melia Hagino '18 and Cassandra Stecker '18


Mary Ellen Morris Prize: Eliza Thaler '18 and Cassandra Stecker '18

Harriet Haslett Crane Term Paper Prize: Meriel Doyle '19


Louise M. Hutchinson Memorial Award: Melody Yu '20

Calculus Prize: Caroline Sterman '18

Extraordinary Achievement in Mathematics: Sara Syed '18

Music & Theater

Music Department Vocal Arts Award: Audrey Senior '18

Music Department Instrumental Award: Angela Yang '18

Eleanor Roberts Award: Mariana Leone '18

Cornelia Otis Skinner Award: Katie Mostek '18

Simpson Center Award for Theater Management: Julia Maenza '18 and Kate Park '18

Physical Education

Suzanne Valutas Physical Education Award: Emily Thompson '18

White Blazer Award: Myla Barnett '18


AAPT Certificates: Bella Xia '21, Isabelle Kauffman '21 and Melissa Hans '21

The Elizabeth Chesick Prize in Physics: Christina Cappola '21

ACS Certificate: Blanche Jiang '20

Elizabeth Cobb Prize in Chemistry: Melody Yu '20

NABT Certificate in Biology: Helen Ji '19

Kathy Graub Prize in Biology: Katie Cappola '19

MIT NEST Award: Gabby Alston '18 and Celia Rubien '18

Rosamond Cross Prize in Science: Hilary Liu '18


Escritoras del Mundo Hispano Award: Sabrina Rustgi '18

Katherine Bell Brown Award: Sara Syed '18 and Maansi Mudgil '18

College Book Awards

Bryn Mawr College President's Book Award to a junior who exhibits an intense intellectual commitment, a self-directed and purposeful vision of her life, and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world: Lexi Phelan '19.

Smith Book Award is awarded to an outstanding junior who exemplifies academic achievement and leadership qualities: Georgia Dahm '19.

Harvard Book Award to a junior who is outstanding in scholarship, character and leadership: Katie Cappola '19.

University of Pennsylvania Book Award to the junior in the most rigorous academic program (ranking within the top 5% of the junior class) and a recognized leader in one or more of the following areas: student government, music, drama, athletics, journalism, community service. She also demonstrates high personal and academic integrity, and is highly respected by peers and faculty: Celia Page '19.

Wellesley College Book Award is awarded to a young woman chosen for their intelligence, determination, motivation and achievement. She is a visable member of her school and community: Meriel Doyle '19.

Rensselaer Medal is awarded to a junior who excels in advanced math and science courses, demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic setting, and has significant involvement in extracurricular activities. This year's awardee is Anjali Sukhavasi '19.

Yale Book Award to a junior of outstanding personal character and intellectual promise: Simi Bleznak '19.

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