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Baldwin Students Win 47 Scholastic Writing & Arts Awards
Posted 02/11/2019 12:09PM

The Scholastic Arts and Writing Award is a nationwide contest that honors outstanding achievement in high school visual and literary arts. This year, Baldwin students earned 47 awards.

The three levels of awards are:

Gold Key: The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition

Silver Key: Standout works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Honorable Mention: Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

In the Arts category, Baldwin had six students recognized with 25 art awards. Two students won three Gold Keys and will move on to the national level.

In the Writing category, Baldwin had 13 students recognized with 21 awards. Two students won three Gold Keys and will move on to the national level.

The following Baldwin students were recognized for their creativity in arts and writing:

Art Awards:

Gold Keys:

  1. Alissa Liu '19: "One-Line Diptych," Painting: Colored Ink on Paper
  2. Alissa Liu '19: "Stars in Armour," Fashion Design
  3. Leanne Sun '19: "Blind," Oil on canvas and Found Objects

Silver Keys:

  1. Sophie Feng '20: "A Flower Bell," Jewelry: Silver and Inlaid Stone
  2. Sophie Feng '20: "If I Stop Wasting Now, Will You Come Back?" Jewelry: Silver
  3. Melody Gui '21: "The Forbidden Fruit's Temptation," Painting: acrylic on canvas
  4. Annie Lin '20: "Yearning," Painting: Oil on canvas
  5. Alissa Liu '19: "Ethereal," Painting: Watercolor on paper
  6. Alissa Liu '19: "Eyes Wide Shut," Painting: Oil on canvas
  7. Alissa Liu '19: "Dystopia and Utopia Diptych," Painting: Oil on unstretched canvas

Honorable Mention:

  1. Bella Aldrete '20: "Star Plain," Painting: oil on canvas
  2. Bella Aldrete '20: "Three Scenes," Painting: oil on canvas
  3. Sophie Feng '20: "A Country Scene on a Plate," Jewelry: silver
  4. Sophie Feng '20: "Waiting for Spring," Jewelry: silver
  5. Sophie Feng '20: "Shrinking," Jewelry: silver
  6. Sophie Feng '20: "Around the World in Eighty Seconds," Jewelry: silver
  7. Melody Gui '21: "World: Blank-Colors-Darkness: Fluidity," Mixed Media
  8. Melody Gui '21: "Voice," Painting: acrylic on canvas
  9. Melody Gui '21: "Swim," Painting: Oil on canvas
  10. Annie Lin '20: "Reflection," Painting: Oil on Canvas
  11. Annie Lin '20: "Shattered," Painting: Oil on Canvas
  12. Alissa Liu '19: "Midas' Curse," Sculpture: clay
  13. Erin Roman '19: "Wait Wait Wait," Digital Photography
  14. Erin Roman '19: "Cells," Digital Photography
  15. Erin Roman '19: "Fluvial," Painting: Acrylic on paper

Writing Awards:

Gold Key

  1. Bella Aldrete '20: "At the navel of the moon," Poetry
  2. Delina Irgau '19: "Harlem Flash," Fiction
  3. Delina Irgau '19: "Black in America," Memoir

Silver Key

  1. Jane Bai '19: "The Death of God," Memoir
  2. Lauren Bracken '19: "A Day at the Beach House," Memoir
  3. Lauren Bracken '19: "Lauren's Collection of Poems," Poetry
  4. Wynne Conger '23: "Definition Of A Human," Poetry
  5. Katrina Conklin '20: "Wait - The Madwoman is Who," Essay
  6. Katrina Conklin '20: "Search Party," Short Story
  7. Delina Irgau '19: "My Blackness and Me," Writing Portfolio
  8. Menal Siddiqui '20: "Rose Tattoos," Short Story

Honorable Mention

  1. Delina Irgau '19: "One Man Became a God for an Entire Generation," Critical Essay
  2. Delina Irgau '19: "My Vita Nuova," Memoir
  3. Carys Li '19: "George Gershwin and Rhapsody in Blue," Critical Essay
  4. Shiyu Li '19: "On the Canadian Prairie," Memoir
  5. Shiyu Li '19: "Lonely Death," Short Story
  6. Annie Lin '20: "Blast," Short Story
  7. Zoya Siddiqui '19: "Lessons in Grief," Short Story
  8. Leanne Sun '19: "Poetry." Collection
  9. Milan Thornton '22: "Where am I from?" Poetry
  10. Lisa Wang '20: "Read Between the Lines," Memoir
  11. Lisa Wang '20: "A Blunder," Humor
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