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Senior Environmental Science Completes Capstone Project
Posted 04/29/2019 02:28PM

The senior Environmental Science class spent the month of April completing a capstone project in which they researched a problem, educated others and then attempted to innovate a solution. Through research, the students became experts in their topic and wrote a short research paper detailing the issue. Once they became the experts, our Upper School students had access to several Lower School classes and taught hands-on lessons that were age-appropriate for their audience.
  • Delina Irgau and Maria Nguyen taught a 2nd grade class about coral reef and how humans can change their behavior to stop the destruction of coral.
  • Lenora Thomas, Julia Singer, Taylor Trapp and McKenna Matus taught both Kindergarten classes about coral as well. They focused on what coral is - that it is a living thing and why it is in danger. They focused on not littering and recycling in order to keep the oceans clean.
  • Niara Johnson and Leanne Sun taught a 4th grade class about solid waste issues - to reduce, reuse and recycle. They made origami from old magazines to show kids one way to "reuse" trash.
  • Julia Kait and Azzaya Johnson taught a 4th grade class about wind power and the importance of renewable energy.
  • Sarah Bunn and Lexi Phelan taught the 5th grade about types of agriculture, focusing on the benefits or organic food, as well as teaching the girls to buy local when possible.
  • Angelina Shi and Teagan Krane taught a 5th grade class about the effects of climate change on animal habitats and talked about reducing carbon footprints by saving energy and reducing food waste.
  • Carys Li and Nadia Dixon taught a Kindergarten class about how a plant based diet is better for the Earth. They had the girls create a pretend Earth friendly restaurant.
  • Sydney Parmet and Lexi Phelan taught a 3rd grade class about utilizing local parks for outdoor activities and on the intrinsic value of nature. They had the girls take a walk and write a reflection.
  • The students were also challenged to "act." Could they do something small to contribute to a solution? They were asked to document an action they took or document a plan or product that could solve the problem on a larger scale.

    Click here to see photos from all the hands-on lessons.

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