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At our 2018 All School Opening Assembly,
our senior leaders reflected on what an
all-girls education
means to them.
Zoya Siddiqui '19
Senior Class President
Alexa Diecidue '19
Head of Student Senate


Juliet Paiva '19
Head of Service League

Lauren Bracken '19
Head of Athletic Association

Alissa Liu '19
Head of Arts League

 Why an All-Girls School

Since our founding in 1888, Baldwin has been dedicated to educating young women. We are recognized experts in how girls learn, thrive and succeed. Now more than ever, an all-girls education provides the greatest opportunities, support and success.

At Baldwin we focus our efforts in the classrooms in three key areas.

Counter Gender Stereotypes

We create pathways for our girls into male dominated fields from PreK on, eliminating the preconceived notion that some fields are for men and some are for women. At Baldwin, all fields are for everyone.

In every possible way, our teachers use women as role models - women scientists, women authors - our girls grow up with an unshakable confidence that any door is open to them.

Our girls learn from a very young age to value their voice. To speak up when they have an opinion or idea. Time and again our alumnae provide testament that learning to value their voice is a key attribute of a Baldwin education.  

Foster Collaboration

Girls like to collaborate and share ideas as they learn. That's why we design our classes and our classrooms to maximize this critical learning style.

From the furniture we purchase to classroom arrangement to careful discussion planning, we make every effort to encourage robust discussion and healthy debate in a supportive and encouraging space.

Across all grades and all disciplines, our girls conduct a lot of group work. They learn to work as a team, which successfully prepares them for college and their careers.

Encourage a Growth Mindset

We help our girls to have a mindset that struggle with a concept doesn't mean they can't understand, but they don't understand it YET. "Yet" shifts the feeling of defeat and reenergizes the learning.

Our focus on experiential, active learning helps cultivate a growth mindset. Our girls are taught to try, fail, try again, maybe fail again, but keep trying.

Our teachers work closely with each girl both in and out of the classroom to give qualitative feedback and provide one-on-one time to meet each girl where she is in her learning.


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