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1:1 MacBook Program

Through our 1:1 MacBook program, we are realizing Baldwin’s goal of fully integrating technology into our educational program.

Key benefits include:

  • Participation in a Baldwin learning community that models online citizenship through collaboration, engagement and respect.

  • Access to course materials and information from their teachers online, including assignments and supplementary materials.

  • Greater access to online productivity and learning management tools, which reduce paper use: Google Docs, Prezi, Haiku and more.

  • Access to additional, interactive, content creation learning tools: simulations, videos, mind-mapping software and other digital tools that enrich the girls’ learning experience.

  • Opportunity to gain experience with multimedia production tools in connection with our curriculum: iMovie, Garage Band, GoAnimate and more.

  • Access to electronic textbooks that are less expensive than hardcover and offer additional benefits beyond a lighter backpack, such as practice problems, simulations and videos.

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