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College Counseling Office

Our college counseling process is personalized and reflective. Rigorous academics and rich exposure to extra-curricular activities culminate in a college search process that is supportive, inspirational and has the bright future of each Baldwin girl at its core.

While the goal of college counseling is to help our girls gain admission to an institution of higher education that reflects the best fit for their individual interests and aspirations, we also focus on self-awareness, confidence and achieving a healthy balance in life.

Students learn to take responsibility for researching colleges, completing applications, meeting deadlines and registering for tests. With guidance and support, college counselors actively engage with students and families as they learn about and navigate their college options. It is important for all - students, parents, guardians, faculty and counselors - to collaborate with honest communication, an open mind, and a positive outlook.

Every Baldwin girl has her own unique experiences to reflect upon and an exciting journey ahead. As college counselors, we are here throughout the upper school years to help girls realize their potential and take hold of the full range of opportunities available to them.

Valerie Marchand Welsh
Director of College Counseling

Niki Applebaum Johnson
Co-Director of College Counseling

Natalie Damm
Associate Director of College Counseling & Registrar

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