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Technology is an integral part of a 21st Century Education.  At Baldwin, we carefully balance the use of technology with our time-tested expertise in the education of young women.  

In Baldwin classes, students can expect to use a variety of tools to create visual presentations, analyze texts, write papers, conduct research and experiments, design programs, communicate with peers and experts in the field.  Whether they’re learning to code or learning to write, Baldwin students learn to use technology appropriately and effectively.

The DREAM Labs® have specialized equipment for accomplishing even higher tech projects: LEGO and Hummingbird Robotics for classroom work and competitions; 3D printers and laser cutters for design projects; electronics and equipment for building robots, wearable electronics and more; and power tools, art supplies and other materials that allow students to build whatever they can dream up.

Our 1:1 laptop program in Middle and Upper School allows teachers to develop new and engaging ways to interact with curriculum materials and to provide students with the tools they need to be fully engaged with their learning. We focus on key learning outcomes such as creativity and innovation, collaboration, critical thinking and communication to guide our use of technology.

Wi-fi is ubiquitous, keeping our students connected to their work throughout the day.  Every classroom is equipped with projection and interactive teaching tools that allow for varied instruction, from collaborative group work to whole class interactive discussion.

PowerSchool Learning, our learning management system, helps students keep up with homework, facilitates collaboration and allows for easy dissemination of online resources.

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