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Faculty Spotlight

Mira Ramchandani’s work as a Jewelry Teacher in the Arts program is exciting and ever-evolving.

Proud to be part of an Arts team full of dedicated, talented artists and teachers, Mira brings technical expertise, artistic vision and a can-do spirit of problem solving to her students. By providing students with technical skills, they are then able to realize their own artistic visions in her classroom. Mira recounts a student who told her that she was interested in training to be a surgeon. The student articulated her love for jewelry class perfectly: “I want to work in jewelry because I need to have good focus, work well under pressure and be detail-oriented and steady with my hands.” Mira’s program is a superb compliment to academic achievement at Baldwin.

One of Mira’s favorite jewelry projects is based on Gustav Klimt’s work. Middle School students learn about Klimt, explore his paintings, examine his gold leafing technique and artistic process and apply what they have learned to the construction of jewelry. Students begin by laying a coat of crushed glass onto metal sheets, which are heated in a kiln. This produces a glossy glass piece to which students add gold leaf details. The results are a stunning and beautiful enameled piece of jewelry.

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