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Faculty Spotlight

Laura Blankenship came to Baldwin from Bryn Mawr College where she was an Instructional Technologist and she single-handedly started Baldwin’s Computer Science department.

Since inception, it has grown into a vibrant and integral part of Baldwin’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) commitment and provides critical foundational skills for girls interested in coding, programming, web design, application development and creating user-centric technology that works.

She teaches girls the concepts and constructs of computer design and how to apply various computer languages as they evolve. In an ever-changing field of study, a firm understanding of foundational technological knowledge is crucial. Laura has a deep-rooted passion to help girls in technology. For those students who feel daunted by learning computer science, she applies the same advice she would give to an athlete or musician: the way to improve is to keep at it, develop your skills and practice tirelessly.

As Dean of Academic Affairs, Laura’s focus is applying big-picture thinking to curriculum development for the entire school. External reviews of every department have been revelatory about the arc of academic programming, and Laura is helping faculty connect curriculum across grades and subjects. Through open communication, cross-curricular collaboration and sharing insights, the entire faculty is able to develop and maintain the best possible academic experience for students.

Laura recalls being the only woman in her college computer science classes, so she works to give her students the technical skills and confidence necessary for the classrooms and workplaces of the future.

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