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BRAVA is Baldwin's parent group that focuses on promoting the arts.  Their mission is to ensure that the arts remain an integral part of a Baldwin education. The group has launched impressive projects over the years, from renovating the Residence Art Gallery, to restoring the Rembrandt Etching Press purchased by the School in 1973, to being a vital part of the opening of The Simpson Center.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for an exciting evening of music
live performances and fine arts! View our media gallery.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Patricia and Andrew Coler (P '14, '19)
Erica and Michael Danowitz P'21
Sherry and John Pearlstein (P '19, '24)
Lisa Rapetti and Steven Tyminski (P '13, '19)

Martha E. Ortiz and Robert H. Diamond (P ’16)
Jean and Doug Gessl (P ’21)
Kimberly and Gregory Heuer (P ’27)
Michelle Karbiner-Ball ’86 (P ’24)
Sejita and Mark Page (P ’19,’22)
Karen Pearlman Raab and Nathan Raab (P ’30)
Pat and Rob Weiser (P ’22,’24)
Angela Sabol and Thom Tarka (P ’28,’32)

Rayenne Chen (P ’21)
Laura and Mike Levinson (P '21)
Stephanie LaNasa '96

Rachel and Rich McCurdy (P '22, '25)
Kris and George Prendergast (P '22)

All proceeds from this event benefited the Arts at Baldwin.


President: Saima Anis

Secretary: Angela Sabol

Past President: Pat Coler

Past President: Lisa Rapetti 


Parent Members

Elena Berman-Gantard
Laura Harlan
Lucia Burchell
Jeanne Gessl
David Barnes
Allison Grant
Phanerrica Muhammad
Tish Squillaro
Lauren Yorks
Erin Frakes
Kim Heuer
Elizabeth Fenton
Ashley Whamond
Julie Gopalani
Lisa Miller
Jon White

Faculty & Staff Members

Silva Santerian
Angela Bensinger
Andre Teixeira
Aileen McCulloch
Claire Bunting


Elissa Getto '65
Alicia Roebuck '05

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