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Baldwin Lamplighters

The Lamplighters - campus guides and hosts - represent the confidence, self-awareness, school spirit and leadership present in all Baldwin girls.  

Students in grades 6-12 serve as hosts and guides for new students, prospective students and prospective parents through campus tours, introductions to classmates and faculty, one-on-one conversations and written correspondence. Our Lamplighters offer a genuine behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a Baldwin girl. 

"When I entered Baldwin 11 years ago as a second grader, I was shy and quiet. As I reflect back on my time before I start senior year, I realize that although I have cherished the ability to pursue athletics and strong academics, Baldwin has truly helped me find my voice. From presentations to speaking in front of hundreds of students during assemblies to debating ideas in class, Baldwin has given me great confidence in my public speaking abilities as well as my ability to present my views in many settings. I’ll always appreciate the way Baldwin has helped me learn to formulate and articulate my voice and ideas and grow as a person."

Sara Syed, Class of 2018


"As I donned my senior blazer for the first time in Baldwin's historic building, 'The Residence,' the impact which Baldwin has had on me was strikingly tangible. It was hard to imagine that the overwhelmingly shy prospective kindergarten student who spent her first moments at Baldwin in front of the landmark Residence fireplace was the same Baldwin thinking girl preparing to be inducted as a senior in the same spot, in a tradition known as the 'Marching-In Dinner.' Through the passionate Baldwin faculty, my academic endeavors have been supported and I have been challenged to think critically, whether researching lemurs in Mrs. Morgan's first grade classroom or debating the motives of Dido while translating Vergil's Aeneid in Magistra Keshishian's 11th grade Latin Prose course. Thanks to my supportive classmates, whether they joined my class in Pre-K or 11th grade, I know that I have a support system of accomplished women for life and that while at Baldwin, I am my sole competitor. The combination of extraordinary faculty and classmates makes Baldwin a remarkable community, one which is simultaneously innovative yet also engrained in tradition. This is not only a tradition of excellence, but also a series of traditional annual events, such as the Thanksgiving Turkey Song and Sophomore Ring Day, which unite generations of Baldwin girls; as an assistant in Baldwin's archives, I can attest to the value we place in tradition firsthand. I hope that you will explore what might make Baldwin the greatest place for you or your daughter, as I know that it is the greatest place for me."

Cassandra Stecker, Class of 2018


"Baldwin has helped shape me from the nervous Pre-K student I was twelve years ago to the confident, curious, and engaged person I am today. Each step of the way, Baldwin has provided me invaluable opportunities whether it be an exchange program to another country or a service project within our local community, all of which have allowed me to explore, make connections, and discover what it is I love to do. Whenever I don the Baldwin kilt, I instantly feel the magnitude of being a Thinking Girl, and I know that I have a community of teachers and students in all grades that will challenge me in the classroom, cheer me on in a game, and teach me something new every day."

Simi Bleznak, Class of 2019


"Since kindergarten, I have been a proud student at Baldwin, my second home.  The Baldwin community is made up of intelligent, creative, courageous and kind girls and young women. Beyond the challenging, but rewarding academic culture at Baldwin, students are deeply connected via the traditions, the numerous extracurricular opportunities and the strong sense of family here. A key component to the learning experience at Baldwin are our teachers who create an environment where students find comfort to challenge themselves and take risks. For me, the traditions at Baldwin have been a highlight of my experience here. Traditions through the years, such as Colonial Day, Tunic Wars and Ring Day, make our community special and create unbreakable bonds amongst the current students.  I believe these connections truly define the unique community at Baldwin and the power of its education upon its students."

Celia Page, Class of 2019

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