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Global Initiatives

Baldwin is a school known for its diverse student body from many different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Upper School students have many opportunities to broaden their horizons, look beyond what they know and understand, appreciate differences and embrace global citizenship.

As Baldwin strives to make its students true global citizens, the School places an emphasis on the value of students knowing more than one language. The Upper School offers courses in French, Spanish, Latin, Arabic and Greek to provide opportunities for students to expand their cultural understanding of the world.

Partnerships and Excursions

The School has educational exchange partnerships with organizations in many different countries including Denmark, England and Tanzania, as well as additional travel and service opportunities in China, Puerto Rico, Canada and Europe.

Our Grade 9 travels to the southwest United States and enjoy experiences that are closely aligned with our science, math and engineering curriculum.  The girls visit:

    • The majestic Grand Canyon National Park.
    • The Arizona Science Center in Phoenix.
    • The engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam.
    • The Arizona desert city of Sedona, where the girls will participate in cultural, scientific and environmental activities.

The Be Hoogali Exchange Program partners Grades 10 and 11 students with comparable students at Ordrup Gymnasium in Denmark. This year-long global exchange program combines Baldwin, The Haverford School and Ordrup students to study global citizenship, environmental sustainability and economic policy. Baldwin and Haverford host Ordrup once during the year and continue collaborations throughout the year when Ordrup Gymnasium hosts the Baldwin and Haverford students.

As part of the French Exchange Program with Notre Dame de Mongré in Villefranche, France, Upper School girls experience total immersion in the French culture by traveling to the Lyon region for two weeks to live with a family, attend Notre Dame de Mongré and spend a few days in Paris. The following year, the French students come to live with Upper School students, attend Baldwin and experience the same type of cultural exchange.

Students who take Spanish have the opportunity to participate in a Spanish Immersion trip.  Previous trip locations have included Costa Rico, Puerto Rico and Peru.  Students on this trip have the opportunity to explore various regions throughout the country and continue to practice and strengthen their Spanish language skills.

Baldwin’s partnership with the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) in Karatu, Tanzania offers students an opportunity to travel to RVCV and work with the children at the orphanage as well as to assist teachers at the local Gyetighi Primary School.

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