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Alumnae from Nearly 8 Decades Responded Recently to an Online Survey


Are Proud to Say they Went to Baldwin


Said the Overall Quality of a Baldwin Education is Excellent or Good


Rated their Experience at Baldwin as Very High or High


Said that Baldwin Developed their Self-Reliance and Confidence

Stacking Up Against Baldwin's Mission


Agreed that Baldwin taught them to think critically, reason analytically and solve problems.


Agreed Baldwin better prepared them for college compared to other new college students they met.


Agreed that Baldwin aspires to cultivate in its students the desire to remain learners throughout their lives, the compassion to extend themselves to others, and the strength of character to act on their beliefs.


Agreed that Baldwin develops talented girls into confident young women with vision, global understanding and the competency to make enduring contributions to the world.

Young Alumnae

Top Colleges Attended by Classes of 2016-2018

1. University of Pennsylvania
2. New York University 
3. Columbia University
4. Cornell University
5. University of Virginia
6. Franklin & Marshall University
7. Harvard University
8. University of Miami
9. Drexel University
10. Middlebury College

Undergraduate Degrees Most Frequently Reported:

1. Engineering and Science
2. English
3. Biology
4. Psychology
5. Anthropology


Graduated undergraduate college in 4 years or less


Attending or plan to attend graduate school 

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