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Our curriculum is a dynamic, forward-looking, exciting and is designed to give every girl a substantial founding in the skills and knowledge she will need as a college student, an independent adult and a citizen of the world. 

Interdisciplinary Learning

Elective Showcase

Baldwin offers a wide variety of electives to further enhance learning and student passions. Below are just a sample of the 72 different electives that are offered across nine disciplines:
  • Advanced Topics - Discrete Mathematics: Discrete Math has a large number of applications, especially to Computer Science but also to Engineering, Statistics and the Social Sciences.
  • Engineering: Focuses on the study and practive of various types of engineering including, but not limited to: bio, civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering.
  • Environmental Science: Explores the planet's health through a detailed examination of its resources - energy, atmostphere, water, land and biodiversity. Students learn how to lessen their ecological footprint and make more sustainable solutions for the future.
  • Fairy Tales Reinvented: Students read canonical versions of the tales by the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault and then read moden reinventions, which retell the stories with surprising plot twists, alternative perspectives or experimental literary styles.
  • Psychology: Beginning with current brain research and an exploration of neuroscience, students will go on to examine the growth of developmental, comparative, cognitive, social and clinical psychology.
  • Stagecraft, Management and Design: Focuses on creating the designs and sets for the School's shows while also doing an independent project that can be used for college applications. 

Research-based Learning

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Writing Across the Curriculum

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