For over 130 years, The Baldwin School has taken pride in developing talented girls into confident young women with vision, global understanding and the competency to make significant and enduring contributions to the world.

Now, more than ever, an all-girls education provides students an invaluable opportunity at a crucial time of their development and helps them become confident, successful and resilient young women. Since our founding in 1888, Baldwin has remained steadfastly committed to our mission of supporting generations of curious, creative, compassionate global citizens on their path of self-discovery and impact.

It is in confirmation of this vision and with great excitement that we announce The Future Is Baldwin, our first truly comprehensive campaign, which calls for $25 million in strategic investments to ensure our School realizes a future that matches our Baldwin pride.
The Future Is Baldwin will engage the entire community—board and staff, alumnae and parents, faculty and friends—in an unequivocal statement of support for our School.

With over 400 donors committed to supporting this major fundraising initiative thus far, we have already established strong momentum for the year ahead. The gifts and commitments made during the leadership phase of the campaign signal extraordinary confidence in Baldwin’s future and its ability to serve our faculty and students.

Baldwin has made a difference for each of us. Now it’s time for us all to make a lasting difference for Baldwin. Join us in supporting this incredible moment for Baldwin and the future we will create together.

Rachel Gerstenhaber Stern '83, co-chair
Stephanie Romeika La Nasa '96, co-chair
Russell Ball (P '24)
Rachel Dean Matthews '84
Sherry Pearlstein (P '21, '24)
Gene Pratter (P '94)

“Baldwin prepares girls to thrive in whatever future awaits them and to tackle any challenge they may face. This impactful work reflects the innovation and creativity of our faculty and staff at their finest — they understand what the future worlds of education and work will demand of today's students and shape our curriculum with that vision in mind. That’s why we are asking donors to support our forward-thinking, future-focused programs and the outstanding teachers who deliver Baldwin's unique educational experience.”