For 130 years, The Baldwin School has taken pride in developing talented girls into confident young women with vision, global understanding and the competency to make significant and enduring contributions to the world. Now, more than ever, an all-girls education provides students an invaluable opportunity at a crucial time of their development and helps them become confident, successful and resilient young women.

We invite all members of the Baldwin community - parents, alumnae, faculty, staff, parents of alumnae, grandparents and friends - to join together philanthropically in support of the transformational mission, values and strategic vision of our School. Every gift, no matter the size, makes an impact on current and future students. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our mission!
“Baldwin prepares girls to thrive in whatever future awaits them and to tackle any challenge they may face. This impactful work reflects the innovation and creativity of our faculty and staff at their finest — they understand what the future worlds of education and work will demand of today's students and shape our curriculum with that vision in mind. That’s why we are asking donors to support our forward-thinking, future-focused programs and the outstanding teachers who deliver Baldwin's unique educational experience.”