Baldwin "Families"

Baldwin’s Family Gathering is a unique community-building program that allows our students to connect with faculty and staff they might not otherwise have a chance to do so.
The program was designed to offer a special way for our community to connect across traditional barriers. Family Gathering allows connections across divisions, between faculty and staff and students, or between faculty and staff members who would not be able to normally connect on a regular basis. As members of the family units, the faculty and staff are granted the extraordinary opportunity to get to know a group of students and adults they might otherwise not get to know.

"Families" are comprised of at least one girl from each grade and multiple faculty and staff members. Over the course of the year, the "Families" work on fun projects together - from writing letters to the senior that graduated the year before to finding a fun place to do a Family Selfie to learning about an all-School service project. Once you are assigned to a Family, you stay with that Family until you graduate from Baldwin. Our faculty and staff report it is so special to see these girls grow up right before us.