Baldwin Students Win 62 Scholastic Writing & Arts Awards

The Scholastic Arts and Writing Award is a nationwide contest that honors outstanding achievement in high school visual and literary arts. This year, Baldwin students earned 62 awards.
The three levels of awards are:
Gold Key: The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.
Silver Key: Standout works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.
Honorable Mention: Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.
In the Arts category, Baldwin had four students recognized with eight art awards. Three students won four Silver Keys and three students were recognized with four Honorable Mentions.
In the Writing category, Baldwin had 14 students recognized with 54 awards. Eleven students won 25 Gold Keys and will move on to the national level. Nine students won 26 Silver Keys and two students won three Honorable Mentions.
The following Baldwin students were recognized for their creativity in arts and writing:
Art Awards:
Silver Keys:
  • Megan Cooper '21 "Shining Through Pleather" in Fashion Design
  • Megan Cooper '21 "Duo Formality" in Fashion Design
  • Isabelle Lee ’21 “Liberation” in Sculpture
  • Bethany Xu '21 "Self-Portrait" in Digital Art
Honorable Mention:
  • Megan Cooper '21 "Ethereal" Fashion Design
  • Isabelle Lee ’21 “Empyrean” in Photography
  • Isabelle Lee ’21 “Ocean Conservation Museum” in Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Ava Olson ’21 “America’s Monster” in Sculpture
Writing Awards:
Gold Keys:
  • Bella Aldrete ’20 “Starfishing” in Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Black in America” in Writing Portfolio
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Black Bodies” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “Thirty Years” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “[I’m Not] Void” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Butterflies in the Wind” in Short Story
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “As Pawns and Pirouettes” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Thanatos, Thief of Time” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Once Drifting in Chimera Sea” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Eeyore Unwinged” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Vanity” in Flash Fiction
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Nothing Gets Between Me and My Sushi … Except Plastic Maybe” in Journalism
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Windows” in Personal Essay & Memoir
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “A Bittersweet Silhouette” in Poetry
  • Elisa McKinley ’20 “Grey-tinted Glasses” in Flash Fiction
  • Menal Siddiqui ’20 “Three Worlds “Poetry”
  • Estella Stein ’22 “Waiting for Frost” in Short Story
  • Makenna Walko ’23 “Sunshine State of Mind” in Short Story
  • Bella Xia ’21 “Eyes of Sky-Like Azure” in Flash Fiction
  • Grace Yun ’20 “It Is Our Consequence We Must Face” in Flash Fiction
  • Jessica Zhu ’21 “Celestial Specks” in Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Jessica Zhu ’21 “Cicada” in Flash Fiction
  • Jessica Zhu ’21 “In Euro’s Embrace” in Flash Fiction
  • Jessica Zhu ’21 “I Lie on Broken Glass” in Short Story
  • Jessica Zhu ’21 “Food” in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Silver Keys:
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Street Corners” in Poetry
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Natural Selection” in Poetry
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Comfortable With You” in Short Story
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “A Baby’s Chance” in Short Story
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “Untold / Isolation” in Poetry
  • Noor Bowman ’20 “True Story” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “Grand Vessel” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “Medusa’s appeal” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “Moonlit nights” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “In Grand Canyon” in Poetry
  • Sherry Chen ’22 “When love has gone” in Poetry
  • Gwyneth Conger ’23 “A World of My Own” in Short Story
  • Gwyneth Conger ’23 “The Dreamworld” in Poetry
  • Gwyneth Conger ’23 “Who are we?” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Faces of Mona Lisa” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Hey Mr. Gatz, What Is Gatsby?” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “My Shadowed Sun” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Sculpted” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Earth of Glass” in Poetry
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “an empty fish head” in Poetry
  • Menal Siddiqui ’20 “Take the Weight” in Poetry
  • Lisa Wang ’20 “My Journey from and of and to the Heart” in Personal Essay & Memoir
  • Leah White ’20 “Electric Blue” in Short Story
  • Bella Xia ’21 “A-Symmetry” in Poetry
  • Bella Xia ’21 “Forgive Me” in Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Grace Yun ’20 “Paper Airplane Sailing to the Moon” in Poetry
Honorable Mention:
  • Sophia Lee ’22 “Copper Girl” in Poetry
  • Grace Yun ’20 “I Love You” in Short Story
  • Grace Yun ’20 “The Old Grandpa” in Poetry