Grade 3 Uses TinkerCAD to Create, Connect

Grade 3 DREAM Lab students celebrated Halloween by creating monsters and then modeling them to scale in 3D using TinkerCAD. Students wrote a descriptive paragraph about their monster using language that explained the scale and shape of the monster's features relative to the size and shape of their monster's body. Then, they swapped descriptive paragraphs with a classmate, who was asked to draw and model their "swap monster" using only the description in the paragraph. 
Meanwhile, Computer Science Department Chair and Lower School DREAM Lab teacher Stephanie Greer posted a call for volunteers on social media, reaching out to friends, former students, former and current colleagues, teammates and family. The volunteers received the monster descriptions and drew their own version. On the final day of the unit, the students were surprised with a presentation of all the artwork compiled.
What started as an activity within the walls of two third grade classrooms managed to find its way across the state, country and beyond in less than a week! Drawings were sent from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado and California, as well as some from Greece and Croatia! The volunteer artists’ ages ranged from 4 - 80! This project was a beautiful reminder of how we can be connected even as we work to stay apart and safe.