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MS Musical Features James and the Giant Peach

This year’s production of the MS Musical, James and the Giant Peach, has moved from the stage to the screen. After three months of rehearsals and filming, the story of James and his new-found friends has premiered on Baldwin’s YouTube Channel. The sets, costumes, animation and associated production features were designed and created by the Grade 8 Interdisciplinary Design classes, taught by Jason Potten and Addison Lilholt. Art teacher Jessica Konopka guided the paint mixing for the showcase set piece, a giant 4x8 foot book. The production was directed by Drama teacher Scott Warfel, with Music teacher Nick Harmantzis serving as technical director and editor.
The cast includes:
James: Caroline Didizian ’27
Aunt Sponge: Yee-Yee Li ’27
Aunt Spiker: Rafaela Rimoch ’27
Old Magical Man: Elizabeth Baur ’27
Silk Worm: Jennah Smith ’27
Centipede: Sabrina Cohen ’26
Miss Spider: Lyla Mason-Rosenblum ’26
Lady Bug: Nina Heverin-Alvarado ’26
Earth Worm: Daphne Yorks ’26
Grasshopper: Sheyenne Abraham ’26
Glow Worm: Piper Skoglund ’26
Narrator: Daria Scharf ’25
This was certainly a community effort by the Middle School.