Eve Cohen '27 Added to Drexel's "Successful Bounty Hunters" List

Congratulations to Eve Cohen '27, who is the third Grade 8 student to earn recognition on Drexel's 2022 cybersecurity "Successful Bounty Hunters" list. She joins Elsa Deitz '27 and Jordana Wilkes '27, who have been working with Dr. Thomas Heverin (P '26, Trustee), Professor at Drexel University and Cybersecurity Systems Engineer. Eve used various tools including Shodan, Nmap, Recon-ng, Google Hacking Database and Maltego to discover unique devices and to examine vulnerabilities on those devices. Between the three girls, they have also submitted approximately 30 Google hacks to the Offensive Security Google Hacking Database (GHDB), which are now pending review.