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Baldwin Students Win Scholastic Writing & Arts Awards

The Scholastic Arts and Writing Award is a nationwide contest that honors outstanding achievement in high school visual and literary arts.
The three levels of awards are:
Gold Key: The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national-level recognition.
Silver Key: Standout works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.
Honorable Mention: Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.
The following Baldwin students were recognized for their creativity in arts and writing:
Writing Award:
Gold Key:
Science Fiction & Fantasy: Vivian Matuch ’28 for her short story titled “The Nagrund Spired.”

Silver Key:
Poetry: Emilie Xie '24

Art Awards:
Gold Key:
Painting: Lighthouse Wu ’24 for her watercolor painting titled “Protein and Carbohydrates.”
Digital Art: Catherine Cai ’25 for her digital art titled “Girl.”
Drawing: Lisa Tang '27 for her drawing.

Silver Key:
Mixed Media: Christina Cai ’23, Yuru Lin ’23 (2) and Cynthia Zhang ’24
Drawing and Illustration: Yuru Lin ’23, Sophia Chen '26 and Lisa Tang '27 
Painting: Yuru Lin ’23, Betti Pang ’23 (3), Lighthouse Wu ’24 and Sophia Chen '26
Honorable Mention:
Drawing and Illustration: Christina Cai ’23, Yuru Lin ’23 (2), Catherine Cai ’25 and Lisa Tang '27
Painting: Christina Cai ’23, Betti Pang ’23, Lighthouse Wu ’24 and Catherine Cai ’25
Digital Art: Sophia Chen '26