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Grade 8 Students Working in Cybersecurity

Dr. Thomas Heverin (P '26, Trustee), Professor at Drexel University and Cybersecurity Systems Engineer, and three 8th graders - Eve Cohen ’27, Elsa Deitz ’27 and Jordana Wilkes ’27 – wrote a paper together titled “Development and Analysis of a Reconnaissance-Technique Knowledge Graph” and submitted it for the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security. The paper was accepted for the conference and will be published later this spring. Eve, Elsa and Jordana were contributors to the paper and assisted in developing ideas surrounding the topic, as well as testing some of the strategies discussed in the paper.
In addition, Eve and Elsa, along with Dr. Heverin found a vulnerability in electronic key-box software. Across bug bounty programs, they found that they could replicate the vulnerability and access highly confidential data (which they reported). They then submitted the vulnerability to the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), a government database that contains publicly known vulnerabilities. They are now authors of the NVD entry CVE-2022-45766! The NVD is used widely in the cybersecurity industry by cybersecurity professionals, data sources and tools.