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Chloe Watson ’24 Wins High School Leadership Award

Junior Chloe Watson is a winner of the High School Leadership Award, which is presented by Widener University, in partnership with NBC 10. The award acknowledges and honors the region’s best and brightest future leaders who take it upon themselves to make a significant difference in their schools and communities. The program recognizes students from high schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware who demonstrate courage and leadership — those who stand up for what is right, address a wrong and make a difference in their communities or schools.
According to Upper School Director Christie Reed, “Chloe is always the first to raise her hand during discussions. She loves to share and receive feedback on her thinking so that she can improve and grow, and she enjoys engaging with her peers and teachers for meaningful conversations. She is the epitome of what a true learner looks like, and she personifies leadership at its core.”
Chloe is involved in Baldwin’s theatrical club, Maskers, and she is an integral member of Chorus and the selective a cappella group, The B-Flats. She also has taken on a leadership role in Spectrum, Baldwin’s gay-straight alliance. “Since taking on a leadership role as junior head of Spectrum in her sophomore year, Chloe has distinguished herself as a peer to whom others look for guidance, calm and advice,” explained Ms. Reed. “She has very much been, and continues to be, the driving force behind the growing organization and progressive, action-oriented changes in Spectrum and throughout the School. Chloe is very dedicated to finding ways to connect marginalized people to a better quality of life. Her participation with Spectrum and also with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee demonstrates her desire to find ways to have conversations that are meaningful and can bring about change.”
Chloe will receive a scholarship of $20,000 over four years if she chooses to enroll at Widener as a freshman for undergraduate studies, where she would be named an Apogee Scholar. As an Apogee Scholar, students participate in a leadership development program at the Oskin Leadership Institute, which includes earning a Widener leadership certificate and participating in a variety of on-campus leadership development activities.