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Aubyn Mackey ’24 Selected to Team USA Synchronized Skating Team

Congratulations to Aubyn Mackey ’24, who recently earned a spot on the Skyliners Synchronized Skating Junior Team. This team has been granted the designation of Team USA since 2008 and will almost certainly receive the designation once again in the fall when the season begins. Over the past 13 years, Skyliners Junior has won the National Championships seven times, placed second four times and has medaled at the World Championships four times, receiving two silver medals and two bronze medals.

After four years of dedication within the Skyliners Organization, competing on their Novice line, Aubyn has been selected to join the team. There are 16-20 people each year who are selected for this team that travels from Boston to Virginia. The Skyliner Junior Team will be competing at two international cups in the fall and winter, as well as hopefully attending Worlds once again in the Spring. Other competitions will be held in Anaheim, CA, Boston and Las Vegas.
Aubyn began her skating journey when she was three years old, taking both hockey and figure skating lessons. At the age of five she decided to focus on figure skating, where she first trained with a private coach before joining the local synchronized skating team.
The training that is required to be on Skyliners Junior includes traveling to New York and Connecticut every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for on-ice training, off-ice fitness, mobility, sports psych, ballet and choreography classes. During the week, she practices at the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society each morning before school with two private coaches. Outside of synchronized skating, Aubyn has earned three U.S. Figure Skating gold medals: one in Ice Dance, one in Free Dance and one in Moves in the Field.