MS Students Attend Diversity Conference

On February 27th, a group of eight Middle School students attended the 2024 Middle School Diversity Conference at The Haverford School. Aliyah Bameke ’28, Zara Burke ’28, Milan DeShields ’28, Kacey Kendrick ’29, Fatinah Muhammad ’28, Marci Pao ’28, Sophie Roberts ’28 and Kayla Thomas ’28 joined Middle School students from other independent schools for the conference titled "The Masks We Wear." The featured speaker was psychologist, performer and poet Dr. Mykee Fowlin.
According to Dr. Fowlin, to varying degrees, we all wear masks. We are conditioned to hide our true selves, out of fear of being rejected and/or judged. We are taught to devalue or ignore our pain, as if its utility is better served hidden than exposed.
In his one-man presentation “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me,” Dr. Fowlin took the audience on an experiential journey, having them reexamine core precepts that were taught from as early on as 1st grade. He used many of his gifts — humor, performance art, poetry, storytelling, psychology, theatrical monologues and his personal journey — to create a moving experience for the students.