Strategic Initiatives

In 2019-20, we launched a strategic vision that emphasizes interdisciplinary studies and inspires our girls through hands-on projects applied to real-world problems. We are eager to teach today’s Baldwin girls to understand subjects not in silos but in connection with each other, and to nurture their passion for learning by showing them how their studies apply to real-world problem solving.

Interdisciplinary Learning

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Baldwin’s authentic interdisciplinary program is based on research that indicates that students engaging in this work have higher academic outcomes, enhanced critical thinking skills, a greater ability to transfer knowledge to new contexts, deeper and more complex conceptions of knowledge and longer-term retention of what they’ve learned. Giving our students the opportunity to develop these skills gives them a head start in college, where they can continue to build on a solid foundation.

Our Lower School Wyss Interdisciplinary Incubator and our Middle and Upper School Wyss Interdisciplinary Institute bring together two or more content areas, allowing students to deepen their knowledge, while developing essential skills including collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills. These programs help students to more readily seek out and explore connections between and among disciplines and, in turn, see their learning as an organic, dynamic and exciting endeavor.

Innovation Center

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One of the trademarks of The Baldwin School is a commitment to the future that is informed by an appreciation of the past. The latest capital project the School has undertaken is a perfect demonstration of this viewpoint. The former pool house has been transformed into the Innovation Center - an interdisciplinary hub that gives students an edge in the 21st century job market. A building dedicated to the tangible, hands-on work of interdisciplinary learning will allow students across grades and classes to focus on problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and adaptability.

Grounded in Research and Led by Our Expert Faculty

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In addition to the time specifically set aside for exploring topics in interdisciplinary ways, throughout the school year our faculty create ongoing and organic opportunities for students to explore the intersection of disciplines and practice making connections. This work often unfolds in collaborative and project-based learning, and is designed to help students connect their work in the classroom to real-world problem-solving and real-world work. This approach is grounded in our expert understanding of how girls learn best and research that indicates that students engaging in this type of work have higher academic outcomes, enhanced critical thinking skills, a greater ability to transfer knowledge to new contexts, deeper and more complex conceptions of knowledge, and longer-term retention of what they've learned.  We know that our students want to see the purpose behind their learning and are most engaged when they can work together on finding solutions and can connect their learning to their interests and passions. 
As passionate experts in their fields, Baldwin’s faculty is well-positioned to design and lead these rich learning experiences. Over 15% of our faculty have Ph.D.'s and more than 78% have Master's degrees, bringing a significant amount of expertise in a range of fields to the classroom every day. And this is only the beginning -- the School is committed to supporting our faculty through ongoing investments in their growth through off-site programs such as the Project Based Learning Certificate Program at Penn’s Graduate School of Education.