Pre-K and Kindergarten

A Peek into Lower School

The Lower School years are a time when children are open to exploring, learning and stretching their intellectual boundaries.  As each girl grows, she makes connections about who she wants to become and how she learns. Our teachers individualize classroom experiences and encourage each student’s natural curiosity. Integration of curriculum throughout each day and across subject areas teaches students valuable skills encouraging them to make connections and flourish from insights gained during academic pursuits.

Below are just a few of the key moments she will experience as a Baldwin Lower School student:

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  • Create Fun Memories

    She will have valuable learning experiences on dynamic field trips to theaters, museums and historic places.
  • Join in The Lower School "Mind Up" Program

    Implemented by Baldwin’s School Psychologist, which fosters social and emotional growth.
  • Build Relationships

    She will have multiple opportunities beyond the classroom to create friendships with her classmates and experience the joys of being young.
  • Develop Compassion

    She will develop a deeper connection with Baldwin’s core value of compassion as she participates in school-wide and grade-specific service learning initiatives for global issues.